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14 Must Have Lollapalooza Beauty Essentials 07/29/2015

Courtesy of Bill Whitmire
Courtesy of Bill Whitmire

It’s that time of year again — Lollapalooza is upon us and we’re all attempting to gauge the weather, pick the right outfits, and repack probably 5 to 7 times. Although we’re sure your outfits are already in-check, planning your beauty regime for the weekend is just as important. Because we are well aware of the packing/re-packing struggles, we came up with a list of Lolla-necessities you MUST bring with you during the festival weekend that we guarantee will keep you feeling fresh and put together. Continue reading “14 Must Have Lollapalooza Beauty Essentials”


14 Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow Right Now 07/28/2015

Courtesy Photo

Like most young adults, we live for social media. We wake up in the morning scrolling through our timelines, chuckling at memes and double tapping and commenting on our friends’ photos from the previous night. Out of all the social media in the world, our favorite, next to the WhatRUWearing app, of course, is Instagram. And if you’re anywhere near as addicted to Instagram as we are, then you have a list of people that you not-so-secretly stalk on the daily.

Given our obsession with Instagram and the fact we’re constantly on the hunt for new accounts to obsess over, we’ve created a special list of the top people that you NEED to follow right now. Their sense of fashion, beauty, humor, and lifestyle will definitely charge up your Instagram game and possibly bring you some inspiration, as well.

Continue reading “14 Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow Right Now”


Mireya Serna — The Chicago Based Nail Tech You Need to Know 07/27/2015

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset
Mireya Serna

If you’re obsessed with Instagram and nail art, there’s a good chance you’re familiar with Mireya Serna’s work. With a following of over 33 thousand on social media, Serna’s work has been featured in/on Latina Magazine, as well as a number of Instagram pages dedicated to the best and most unique nail art.

We recently had the pleasure of sitting down for lunch at Miss Ricky’s with the self-proclaimed nail goddess, who lives by the motto “life isn’t perfect but your nails can be”, serves as the ultimate guide on the best nail care, tips and special tricks and dreams of someday doing nails full time.   Continue reading “Mireya Serna — The Chicago Based Nail Tech You Need to Know”


Ways To Make Your Apartment Look More Luxurious 07/23/2015

Courtesy of Google
Courtesy Photo

Take it from me — planning a week of outfits is easier than deciding what type of throw pillows to buy or how many coats of paint will bring “life” to your small, yet cozy, apartment. Now, if you’re a cost-savvy recent graduate, a collegiate sharing a space, or even someone who doesn’t know how to take your humble abode from less humble to more luxurious, we’ve made a list of small “hacks” that we encourage you to use when looking for budget-friendly ways to upgrade your space! Being your own interior designer is hard work but we promise, we’ve found ways to make it a little easier.

Continue reading “Ways To Make Your Apartment Look More Luxurious”


The #WRUWGirl’s Guide to Summer Swim Trends 07/21/2015

Courtesy Photo
Photo Courtesy of Jason Kibbler

The clouds are starting to clear out and we can finally feel the warm sun kiss our skin. We have been waiting for this moment for months, but now the important question is raised: What am I going to wear to the beach!?Are you sweet and flirty in florals and scalloped hemlines? Maybe you want to throw it back with high waisted bottoms or a one piece. Are you more of the edgy type in multiple straps and mesh? Or possibly more comfortable in a sporty suit?

No matter what type you are, there is something guaranteed to fit your style on our sun-kissed, top summer swim trends list! We can’t wait to see what you wear on the sandy runway. Continue reading “The #WRUWGirl’s Guide to Summer Swim Trends”


The #WRUWGirl’s Guide to Parisian Shopping 07/14/2015


Heading to Paris soon? Well, I’ll make this quick; boutiques are EVERYTHING! While Americans are more accustom to malls, the streets of Paris are lined with a variety of unique boutiques. Whether you’re looking for something colorful and fun, or something chic and luxurious, you’ll find it around basically any corner in Paris. In true WhatRUWearing Girl form, I couldn’t wait to get my shop on upon my arrival in Paris. But, the question was WHERE? Continue reading “The #WRUWGirl’s Guide to Parisian Shopping”


A Glimpse at What Events We’re Attending This Month… You’re Invited Too! 07/08/2015

Courtesy Photo
Courtesy Photo

Life as a WhatRUWearing PR Girl is more than just a full-time job — it’s a lifestyle. From early morning wakeup calls and dress-to-impress work attire, to running errands at Neiman Marcus and styling sessions back at the office, our jobs surpass the traditional “9 to 5” business hours. As we constantly mention to many friends and acquaintances, “9 to 5 doesn’t exist in the WhatRUWearing office. We have a when we open our eyes until we close our eyes, schedule.” However, the many after-work events and invites are just another perk that makes this job both fun and exciting as we’re always on an adventure! That said, we wanted to share our July calendar with you in hopes you, too, can join us on our many adventures throughout the rest of the month.

Continue reading “A Glimpse at What Events We’re Attending This Month… You’re Invited Too!”


From Playful to Polished: Blake Lively’s Style Evolution 07/06/2015

Photos Courtesy of Getty Images
Photos Courtesy of Getty Images

As a college student, I constantly find myself in an awkward position with my wardrobe. Although I feel I should be dressing more like a young professional, I have a hard time completely transforming my entire closet and as a result, I’m on a constant quest to find the balance between my current youthful style and a more polished version of it. For style inspiration, I turned to Blake Lively, a major fashion icon, who currently serves as Gucci’s spokeswoman and is known for her classic and polished looks. 

Lively’s style was not always this mature though. When she starred in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants in 2005, she served us bubbly, California-girl “chic” with baby doll sundresses and brightly colored crop tops. However, upon being cast as Serena van der Woodsen on Gossip Girl, Lively’s style transformed into one of a true New Yorker’s. Not only did she begin embracing form-fitting looks with high slits and plunging necklines in deep blues, reds and blacks, in 2011, Lively was named the face of Chanel handbags and in 2014, the face of Gucci’s Première fragrance. It is through these associations that Lively experienced yet another style transformation, which ultimately led to her current “Old Hollywood” red carpet style which consists of long hems, sparkles and rich neutrals.

Let’s take a closer look at Lively’s style evolution throughout the years in order to learn exactly how we can transform our current pieces into more polished closets. Continue reading “From Playful to Polished: Blake Lively’s Style Evolution”

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