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Sexy Valentine’s Day Lingerie That Won’t Break The Bank 01/17/2017

for lignerie story

Sometimes a girls gotta have funds. Which means on a holiday like Valentine’s Day, we can’t always dish out hundreds of dollars for something we don’t particulary enjoy spending on, like undergarments. We understand the pain of wanting to surprise your significant other with something special yet sticking to your budget, so we’re here to save the day while keeping the spice in your relationshp. We rounded up some super sexy sets, all that are affordable, so you don’t have to worry about spending the big bucks on something only one other person will see. And if they’re extra lucky, maybe you’ll even buy more than one! Continue reading “Sexy Valentine’s Day Lingerie That Won’t Break The Bank”


A Girl’s Guide to Being More Photogenic in 2017 01/13/2017


Have you ever been in the scrolling though Instagram and stumbled upon women who always look great in photos? You might even wonder how they look so perfect, or think they are just a little more photogenic than you. However,  many celebrities, models and regular girls alike follow the simple formula to getting a great shot. Between starlets gracing red carpets this awards season and the abundance of photo friendly faces on Instagram, it’s easy to be inspired to up your selfie game for 2017. Whether you’re a blogger and want to curate a more polished image, young professional or college student who wants photos that better capture your full beauty and essence, here are a few posing and selfie tips!

Continue reading “A Girl’s Guide to Being More Photogenic in 2017”


How To Wear A Choker No Matter What Your Age 01/11/2017

choker image

The choker trend made a major comeback from the ’90s in 2016, and it appears it’s not going any where any time soon. If you find yourself asking “am I too old for the choker trend?” you are not alone. Sure, you might not be Kendall Jenner or Gigi Hadid’s age, but there are still lots of ways you can wear the trend in an appropriate matter. But how do you wear it and get away with it without looking like you’re in denial of your birthdate? Follow our WRUW suggestions, and you’re sure to nail the trend with no regrets. Continue reading “How To Wear A Choker No Matter What Your Age”


6 Must-Have Winter Beauty Products 01/06/2017


If you’re from a city with the most brutal winters, you could agree that trying to stay warm, avoid getting sick and actively trying to look and feel beautiful is #TheStruggle this time of year. Our biggest challenges are maintaining radiant skin and moisturized hair and lips. Just as your wardrobe changes for this transition, it is a must that your beauty routine and essentials does also. Here are a few affordable products to help you keep sensational seasonal glow and feel more confident this winter! Continue reading “6 Must-Have Winter Beauty Products”

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