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From Playful to Polished: Blake Lively’s Style Evolution 07/06/2015

Photos Courtesy of Getty Images
Photos Courtesy of Getty Images

As a college student, I constantly find myself in an awkward position with my wardrobe. Although I feel I should be dressing more like a young professional, I have a hard time completely transforming my entire closet and as a result, I’m on a constant quest to find the balance between my current youthful style and a more polished version of it. For style inspiration, I turned to Blake Lively, a major fashion icon, who currently serves as Gucci’s spokeswoman and is known for her classic and polished looks. 

Lively’s style was not always this mature though. When she starred in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants in 2005, she served us bubbly, California-girl “chic” with baby doll sundresses and brightly colored crop tops. However, upon being cast as Serena van der Woodsen on Gossip Girl, Lively’s style transformed into one of a true New Yorker’s. Not only did she begin embracing form-fitting looks with high slits and plunging necklines in deep blues, reds and blacks, in 2011, Lively was named the face of Chanel handbags and in 2014, the face of Gucci’s Première fragrance. It is through these associations that Lively experienced yet another style transformation, which ultimately led to her current “Old Hollywood” red carpet style which consists of long hems, sparkles and rich neutrals.

Let’s take a closer look at Lively’s style evolution throughout the years in order to learn exactly how we can transform our current pieces into more polished closets. Continue reading “From Playful to Polished: Blake Lively’s Style Evolution”


Bold Lipstick: What He’s Really Thinking 07/01/2015


Photo Courtesy of Tom Ford


The answer to the question we’ve all been waiting for: What do guys really think of our bold lipsticks? When we not-so-secretly make that initial eye contact from across the room and wonder when they are finally going to come over and say hi, have you ever wondered what is really going through their mind when they see our vibrant lips? Although we most certainly do not choose our weekend lip color, or any makeup, for that matter, based on what the male species thinks, these insights may help you when coordinating your color-of-choice for your next manhunt. From dark and daring, to orange and purple, to even the classic hot pink and valiant reds, here are the answers we snagged from real guys on the streets of Chicago:

Disclaimer: WhatRUWearing does not encourage any of our readers to change their signature lip color based on male preferences. This question was posed with genuine curiosity and overall fun. Continue reading “Bold Lipstick: What He’s Really Thinking”


Put down that American flag crop top: Here’s our line up of Independence Day looks 06/30/2015

Photo Courtesy of Windsor Store
Photo Courtesy of Windsor Store

WhatRUWearing this Fourth of July? Whether you plan on spending your weekend laying out on a boat or by the beach, on your favorite rooftop or in your best friend’s backyard, the Fourth of July is one of the best holidays of the entire year. With your weekend in full swing, it’s time to get your outfit(s) in check. If you’re planning to get into the spirit this weekend but don’t want to look like a walking cliche, put down your matching American flag crop top and cut off shorts and scroll through our style mash-up for some patriotic, non-cheesy, inspiration via a few of our favorite street style stars.

Continue reading “Put down that American flag crop top: Here’s our line up of Independence Day looks”


Kiss My Sass 06/24/2015

Photo Courtesy of Estee Lauder
Photo Courtesy of Estee Lauder

Let’s talk lipstick. The Kylie Jenner lip fiasco over the last few months perfectly describes how we feel about lips: obsessed.

Summer is finally here and from the brights to the pastels, the season gives us so many fabulous ways to rock the more vibrant lip. But which of the thousands of lovely lipsticks actually work? And most importantly, which ones look best? Here are a few of my favorite colors of the season for any price range.
Continue reading “Kiss My Sass”


Summer Office Chic Lookbook 06/22/2015

Photo Courtesy of Getty Images

When it comes to looking chic in the office, outfits can take a significant amount of prep time. While we’re all looking for a Monday through Friday wardrobe that makes us look classy, gives us personality, and of course, makes us comfortable, we also strive to find outfits that represent our style while still adhering to company policy. With trends forever changing, we’re here to set the office attire rumors straight – being fierce is always in! So, give your Plain Jane outfits a break and step into our summer office lookbook. We promise your outfit outcome will be the talk of the workplace and leave everyone, and yes, we mean everyone, asking, “what are you wearing?” Continue reading “Summer Office Chic Lookbook”


Save | Invest | Splurge: Accessories Edition 06/17/2015

Courtesy Photo
Courtesy Photo

Now that graduation season has once again come to a close and summer has officially commenced, trends are changing and some of last year’s purchases are having a hard time fitting in. Your favorite heels are worn out, your bright colored purse is not so bright anymore, your hot pink lipstick was so last season, and a new statement watch is an absolute must as you go forth in the world.

Sounds like an expensive Saturday — but wait, didn’t you just get all that graduation money?

Accessories come in all shapes, sizes, colors and yes, even prices. From Prada and Givenchy, to NYX and H&M, here is our official accessory guide to help you make the trendiest decisions with your graduation money this summer! Continue reading “Save | Invest | Splurge: Accessories Edition”


Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide 06/16/2015

Courtesy Photo
Courtesy Photo

Get your coffee before work; check. Get your nails done before the weekend; appointment made. Prep your healthy meals for the rest of the week; groceries bought. Get your dad his Father’s Day gift; you’ve always been the forgetful daughter. With Father’s Day quickly approaching and a dozen things on your to do list, we’ve made your dad’s gift registry for him! So whether you’re sipping your coffee at work, at the nail salon, or making your weekly meals at home, you can scroll through our dad registry and find the perfect gift before the weekend! Continue reading “Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide”


The Everyday Stylista’s Sneaker Guide 06/10/2015

Photo Courtesy of Puma

In the rare event you were previously unaware, here’s a fun fact: sneakers aren’t just for the gym anymore! In fact, they’re the perfect shoe for the girl on the go because they stay on all day, you won’t have to worry about breaking a heel and most importantly, they’re comfy!

While we completely understand how easy it is to toss those nike running shoes to side and slide on a pair of sassy heels when putting the perfect summer outfit together, we’re going to challenge you and your personal style to strut on the wild side and pair a midi skirt with tennis shoes, a la bad gal Riri.

If you need some help starting the perfect ensemble featuring your favorite pair sneakers you’ve come to the right place… Continue reading “The Everyday Stylista’s Sneaker Guide”


#WRUWGirlBrunch Series Recap 06/09/2015


Let’s Recap Brunch!

Over the weekend, we had the pleasure of hosting our inaugural WhatRUWearing Girl Brunch Series weekend featuring happy hour, brunch and an amazing panel featuring YouTube personalities Arianna Henderson of Arianna Jonae, Mia Stammer of Mama Mia Makeup and Alisha Marie of Alisha Marie

On Friday night, we opened the weekend’s festivities with happy hour at the Mile North Hotel. The night was filled with great conversation, exceptional Riesling, to-die-for truffle fries and a room full of fashion-forward individuals who were clearly selfie ready. Needless to say, everyone left happy hour with anticipation for the next day’s big brunch event. 
Continue reading “#WRUWGirlBrunch Series Recap”

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