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Kiss My Sass 06/24/2015

Photo Courtesy of Estee Lauder
Photo Courtesy of Estee Lauder

Let’s talk lipstick. The Kylie Jenner lip fiasco over the last few months perfectly describes how we feel about lips: obsessed.

Summer is finally here and from the brights to the pastels, the season gives us so many fabulous ways to rock the more vibrant lip. But which of the thousands of lovely lipsticks actually work? And most importantly, which ones look best? Here are a few of my favorite colors of the season for any price range.
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Summer Office Chic Lookbook 06/22/2015

Photo Courtesy of Getty Images

When it comes to looking chic in the office, outfits can take a significant amount of prep time. While we’re all looking for a Monday through Friday wardrobe that makes us look classy, gives us personality, and of course, makes us comfortable, we also strive to find outfits that represent our style while still adhering to company policy. With trends forever changing, we’re here to set the office attire rumors straight – being fierce is always in! So, give your Plain Jane outfits a break and step into our summer office lookbook. We promise your outfit outcome will be the talk of the workplace and leave everyone, and yes, we mean everyone, asking, “what are you wearing?” Continue reading “Summer Office Chic Lookbook”


Save | Invest | Splurge: Accessories Edition 06/17/2015

Courtesy Photo
Courtesy Photo

Now that graduation season has once again come to a close and summer has officially commenced, trends are changing and some of last year’s purchases are having a hard time fitting in. Your favorite heels are worn out, your bright colored purse is not so bright anymore, your hot pink lipstick was so last season, and a new statement watch is an absolute must as you go forth in the world.

Sounds like an expensive Saturday — but wait, didn’t you just get all that graduation money?

Accessories come in all shapes, sizes, colors and yes, even prices. From Prada and Givenchy, to NYX and H&M, here is our official accessory guide to help you make the trendiest decisions with your graduation money this summer! Continue reading “Save | Invest | Splurge: Accessories Edition”


Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide 06/16/2015

Courtesy Photo
Courtesy Photo

Get your coffee before work; check. Get your nails done before the weekend; appointment made. Prep your healthy meals for the rest of the week; groceries bought. Get your dad his Father’s Day gift; you’ve always been the forgetful daughter. With Father’s Day quickly approaching and a dozen things on your to do list, we’ve made your dad’s gift registry for him! So whether you’re sipping your coffee at work, at the nail salon, or making your weekly meals at home, you can scroll through our dad registry and find the perfect gift before the weekend! Continue reading “Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide”


The Everyday Stylista’s Sneaker Guide 06/10/2015

Photo Courtesy of Puma

In the rare event you were previously unaware, here’s a fun fact: sneakers aren’t just for the gym anymore! In fact, they’re the perfect shoe for the girl on the go because they stay on all day, you won’t have to worry about breaking a heel and most importantly, they’re comfy!

While we completely understand how easy it is to toss those nike running shoes to side and slide on a pair of sassy heels when putting the perfect summer outfit together, we’re going to challenge you and your personal style to strut on the wild side and pair a midi skirt with tennis shoes, a la bad gal Riri.

If you need some help starting the perfect ensemble featuring your favorite pair sneakers you’ve come to the right place… Continue reading “The Everyday Stylista’s Sneaker Guide”


#WRUWGirlBrunch Series Recap 06/09/2015


Let’s Recap Brunch!

Over the weekend, we had the pleasure of hosting our inaugural WhatRUWearing Girl Brunch Series weekend featuring happy hour, brunch and an amazing panel featuring YouTube personalities Arianna Henderson of Arianna Jonae, Mia Stammer of Mama Mia Makeup and Alisha Marie of Alisha Marie

On Friday night, we opened the weekend’s festivities with happy hour at the Mile North Hotel. The night was filled with great conversation, exceptional Riesling, to-die-for truffle fries and a room full of fashion-forward individuals who were clearly selfie ready. Needless to say, everyone left happy hour with anticipation for the next day’s big brunch event. 
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Summer Essentials Inspired by Kendall Jenner 06/03/2015

Source: Getty Images
Source: Getty Images

With the beginning of summer in sight, I’m constantly on the hunt for style inspiration, especially go-to accessories that can transform staple pieces I already own. My personal style is heavily influenced by what I see my favorite celebrities wearing, since they’re usually the ones to introduce the newest trends and show us how it’s done. One celebrity in particular that has been killing it in the fashion scene is Kendall Jenner. From red carpet looks to street style, her outfits are always on fleek. Below I’ve compiled some of my favorite looks Kendall has been rocking recently to provide inspiration for your summer wardrobe. And even better, I’ve included a few similar pieces you can buy so that you look as fab as Kendall without breaking the bank. Continue reading “Summer Essentials Inspired by Kendall Jenner”


Meet YouTube Personalities Arianna Jonae, Mama Mia Makeup and AlishaMarie @ the #WRUWGirlBrunch! 06/01/2015


This weekend, we will have the great pleasure of hosting a fashion and beauty panel featuring YouTube personalities Arianna Henderson of Arianna Jonae; Mia Stammer of Mama Mia Makeup and Alisha Marie of Alisha Marie at the inaugural WhatRUWearing Girl Brunch Series (#WRUWGirlBrunch). The panel, which will be hosted by Ryan Beshel, Chicago’s very own fashion and media personality, will feature original Q&A by audience members on how they found fame on YouTube, some of their favorite beauty products and fashion brands, and general advice they have for their subscribers. They’ll also give us the inside scoop on the many things they enjoy outside of YouTube!

We’re inviting you to take advantage of this perfectly planned weekend, which will take place at the Mile North Hotel, in downtown Chicago, and feature a happy hour, brunch date, mocktails and networking opportunities with other collegiates from across the country who also appreciate fashion, style and the power of a good selfie.

A welcome weekend happy hour will take place Friday, June 5 at 7 pm while brunch will commence Saturday, June 6 and 10 am. Admission is FREE but we ask that you please RSVP here. There are a limited amount of tickets left for the brunch and we are very close to selling out so snag yours before it’s too late!

 Hope to see all of your fabulous faces there!


Summer Denim Trends 05/26/2015

Photo courtesy of Madewell
Photo courtesy of Madewell

Denim is one of those trends that is everlasting and has been around for what seems like forever but, hey, we don’t hate it! Over the years, denim has become such an essential part of everyone’s wardrobe and is not doubt, a staple piece in every fashion girl’s closet. As we all know that trends in the fashion industry move and change faster than the mannequins at Zara, we have to adjust accordingly and that means our jeans too!

The good news: this season’s denim trends are sure to please everyone. From vintage trends making a comeback to a few new and exciting looks we haven’t seen much before, the current trends are guaranteed to please everyone’s personal tastes and fashion aesthetics.

Click below to see our 3 most favorite denim trends for Spring/Summer 2015 and the best places to snag them for yourself! Continue reading “Summer Denim Trends”

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