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8 Sex and The City Inspired Outfit Ideas to Try This Spring 02/27/2017

satc3via HBO

There has been buzz of our favorite girls returning to the big screen recently. With each glimmer of hope, we’re instantly reminded of the fashion and couldn’t be more excited! Sex and the City is known as one of the most stylish shows on TV; the characters’ chic ensembles were ahead of their time and still inspire us today. As Spring approaches, there’s always the opportunity to make a refreshing and feminine update to your wardrobe. You could have an eccentric flair like Carrie, or a bold and sexy aesthetic like Samantha. Whether your look is more simple and sophisticated like Charlotte or Miranda, there’s six seasons and two movies worth of outfit inspiration to draw from. Here are a few of our favorite looks from each character to help with your Spring #lookgoals!

Continue reading “8 Sex and The City Inspired Outfit Ideas to Try This Spring”


6 Essential Beauty Products When You Need A Night In To Yourself 02/26/2017

alone time main photo

There comes a time in every one of our lives when you just need a night off . A night in with no studying, no extra hours of work, no drama – just a clear and care-free mind with no one around. While sitting on a couch, binging on netflix and nachos is TOTALLY acceptable, we have some other items you might want to add to your cart, additionally to that bottle of wine … or two. Check out our favorite beauty products for some “me time,” to get you through your night (or day!). Continue reading “6 Essential Beauty Products When You Need A Night In To Yourself”


The Ultimate Fashion-Lover’s Bucket List 02/25/2017

bucket list main

When it comes to being fashion-obsessed there are a few things that every fashionista has on their list to cross off . From attending NYFW and visiting fashion capitols, to owning a big girl bag and meeting a favorite designer, there are so many things to do, and so little time! To help you organize some of the best of the best in the style world, we created a bucket list of essentials.  Continue reading “The Ultimate Fashion-Lover’s Bucket List”


New York Fashion Week’s Biggest Trend Was Diversity 02/24/2017

chromat-nyfw-diversityChromat / Getty Images

We’ve seen the industry become more diverse within the past few years; models of different racial backgrounds, genders, and body types were represented in magazines and by brands. Despite this inspiring trend, designers have been known to take a little longer to include more diverse models in their Fashion Week shows. Fall ’17 was definitely a season where some labels used their runways as platforms for social and political commentary, and some highlighted our multicultural society with a diverse runway cast. Continue reading “New York Fashion Week’s Biggest Trend Was Diversity”


We Are Seeing These Pants Everywhere And Anywhere 02/21/2017

jeans main photo

Every now and then, a fashion trend pops up that takes some time for us to warm up to. Enter, cropped flare jeans. The trend is stronger than ever, coming just above the ankle and flaring out to give extra character. At first, we weren’t so sure about the style and thought it was slightly awkward, but now – we can’t get enough of it. If there’s one pair of pants you’ll need in your closet this spring, it’s this. Continue reading “We Are Seeing These Pants Everywhere And Anywhere”

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