Beauty 9-1-1: How To Cover Up A Holiday Hangover

The holidays are right around the corner. Unfortunately, so are holiday parties which lead to one thing – the dreaded hangover. Let’s be real – these type of hangovers aren’t your average hangover. They seem to hurt 10x more, and you still have to put on a smile and look good while guests, family and…

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How To Stay Fashionable And Stylish During Winter

Staying fashionable during the cold winter period is a sacrificing style. Once you’ve stocked up online shopping UAE jumpers and some necessary layers to keep your body warm, your next point of action should turn to your shoes & accessories. Not only can accessories add extra fashion, but they’ll also help transform your outfit into…

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Here Is How To Make Hat Hair Look Damn Good

It’s only November, but for some of us, we already received our first snow and it’s cold AFFFFFF … ugh …  Unfortunately, keeping warm often clashes with feeling and looking like Kim K. Of course, we have multiple options for winter headwear: fuzzy earmuffs, warm head wraps, beanies, and chic berets. But with every option…

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