All We (Fashion Editors) Really Want For Christmas in 2017

This year we aren’t asking for a slick new notebook to get all our thoughts down, nor are we asking for the latest Gucci purse – no, this year we are asking for what we need. We need more girl and brain power. This Christmas we don’t need a little blue box, no – we…

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Balenciaga Sneaker Dupes You Need Right Now

If you haven’t seen the total abstract yet dope AF Balenciaga sneakers yet, you’re living under a huge rock. From our favorite fashion bloggers to our style-inspo celebrities, it seems anyone who is an anybody is sporting the footwear. 

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What To Wear To A Holiday Party When You’re Bloated AF!

It’s real, it makes us super dramatic and want to cry, and unless you’re lam af, you can’t avoid it. WTF are we talking about? The one and only holiday bloat. Sure, that meatball, blocks of cheese, 3 glasses of wine and chocolate cake was totes worth it at the time (okay, the wine was…

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