I Tried A Body Illuminator & It Was Better Than Facetune

  Highlighters and illuminators aren’t only taking over our makeup bags. They’re also replacing our favorite lotions and sunless tanners. If you’ve never used an illuminator, it can be pretty scary. You want to make sure you look like you have a stunning Kim K glow, instead of looking like a 3-year-old who just rolled…

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The Hottest Summer Looks Under $50 With Elise Sanchez

Summa, summa, summa time! Summer is one of the best seasons to show off your style. We caught up with WRUW brand ambassador and contributor Elise Sanchez, who showed us how to get an entire sexy summer getup … for all under $50. Check it out below.  

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How To Hide Your 4th Of July Booming Hangover

The fourth of July is just around the corner, which means fireworks, cute red, white and blue outfits,  and of course, lots of delicious drinks. Unfortunately, the day chose to land itself on a Tuesday (seriously, why!?), meaning for many of us, we have to be back at the office on the 5th ready to work. …

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