Behind the Scenes with WhatRUWearing Episode :07 Season Finale- Katie Schuppler 12/02/2016

“Usually I end my night around 10:30 or 11 doing a look book on my computer”. – Katie Schuppler

We can’t believe we are already seven episodes in for our first video series. We couldn’t be more excited about the response and how much fun we have had making it. We’ve already started lining up our guests for next season, launching in March of next year, and it’s going to be bigger and brighter then ever. So to end this season, we hung out with Boss Babe Katie Schuppler of KS Style Consulting. Albeit short (because our camera was full and ran out of memory, since you are here for the real behind the scenes), we got to gab about the coveted Instagram Boyfriends and Husbands out there. Once you fall in love with Katie here, hop over to our Podcast Page to check out Katie’s season closing episode.


Behind the Scenes with WhatRUWearing: 06 – Whitney Middleton, Stylist & Creative Director 11/18/2016


When asked how she got to the point in her career as a stylist to amazing people like Chance the Rapper, Whitney said, “networking with a focus on the career I want in mind instead of the one I had.”

Whitney Middleton is a product of Chicago, which seems to be a running theme for awesomeness. We got to spend some time with her in our podcast studio a couple of weeks ago and loved every minute of it. We would dare to say, it was our favorite interview in our full two seasons. She has already accomplished more then what most people can imagine for themselves and this is just the beginning. In this latest episode of BTS, you will hear about the less glamorous side of the fashion and styling business, who else Whitney would love to style and why Whitney hasn’t seen her boo in 4 weeks. Once you’re done here, make sure to go check out Whitney’s podcast cast episode too!


Behind the scenes with WhatRUWearing: 05 Blake VonD- Digital Influencer, Lawyer & overall Bad Ass! 11/04/2016

“I think bloggers, in general, have done a good job making this job look easy and fun. But sometimes, it’s neither of those things.”  – Blake Von D.

We are so excited to bring you our latest episode of BTS. A few weeks ago, we sat down with Blake, the crazy, sexy, cool chic behind the site Blake Von D and it is safe to say that we are completely and utterly in love and and jealous of her life, all at the same time. In the short amount of time we spent with her that day, we learned that Blake has slept in Nelson Mandela’s house, eaten ostrige and got out of bed just mere hours before our in studio session, just to be with us- and that was all after we were done recording her podcast episode. We LOVE behind the scenes.


Behind the scenes with WhatRUWearing: 04 Alyssa Doorhy- Fashion Stylist & Founder of CoChic Styling 10/21/2016

“A lot of people have a personal style, they just don’t know what it is and it’s my job to help them figure it out.” – Alyssa Doohry

In this week’s installment of Behind the Scenes with WhatRUWearing, we are yet again, granting access to our studio in between our moments of professionalism. When we invited Alyssa Doorhy, founder of CoChic Styling, to come hang with us, we had lots of catching up to do. Last time we chilled, she was the face of her family’s Lincoln Park boutique, Comfort Me, single, and definitely not thinking about bridal. These days, she is styling some of her past boutique customers and after being inspired by planning her own wedding, styling fashionista brides all over Chicago! After taking a peek into our conversation on the old ass conspiracy theories on Beyonce’s fake pregnancy with Blue Ivy and Kim K’s most famous ass-et, check out Alyssa’s Fast Fashion podcast episode.


Behind the scenes with WhatRUWearing: 03- Jacki Debb, Fashion Stylist & Founder of Jax & Debb Boutique 10/13/2016

“I have a dream, I have a vision and I power through”. – Jacki Debb

A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of meeting for the first time and sitting down with Jacki Debb, the founder of the Wicker Park unisex clothing boutique, Jax & Debb. She dished all about her retail days at Men’s Akira and how her and her partners had the idea to start the boutique and actually made it a reality. More importantly, when the mics were off and we were chillin’ in the studio, we chopped it up about family jewelry, our favorite things about this fall weather and Kanye’s fashion line. Here’s a hint, Jacki won’t be ordering any for her boutique. And if you haven’t already listened to her Fast Fashion: The Podcast Experience from WhatRUWearing episode, make sure to go check that out next.


Behind the Scenes with WhatRUWearing: 02 – Lily Duevel, founder of Ladder PR and adoptedSTYLE 09/23/2016

“There’s always time. If you are passionate about something, you will make the time. It’s kind of like dating. Girls are always like ‘well, why didn’t he call me?’ If he wanted to see you, he would make the time. If you want to do something, you’ll make the time!” — Lily Duevel

On Friday, August 26, we joined forces with marketing and communications queen, Lily Duevel. The fearless leader and founder of both Ladder PR and adoptedSTYLE filled us in on how she’s been hustling since middle school and the keys to successfully operating two companies while working a full time job and ensuring that she gets her Soul Cycle fix for the week. With a personality that actually breathes life into any room, we caught Lily in action during sound check. She wanted to know everything about everyone in the room and once that was over, she and Meghan casually chatted about Mario Tricocci’s “Make me a Model” fashion show that was taking place that evening. With this week’s episode of Behind the Scenes with WhatRUWearing, you’ve been granted access to seeing Lily in action and getting an exclusive peek at the studio recording session. And if you haven’t already listened to Lily’s Fast Fashion episode or are simply in need of a little inspo, be sure to check it out here.