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Happy Father’s Day! The Best Dressed Celeb Dads 06/18/2017

josh duhmel father's day

Happy Father’s Day! We can never get enough of the glamorous gals of Hollywoods, but today is the day we celebrate the dads! Okay, we’ll really use any excuse to check out sexy and best dressed dads … While you spoil your pops with gifts, we are taking it one step further by celebrating the best dressed dads of Hollywood. Those who juggle the crazy world of celebrity, children AND can dress well, definately earn an award! Whether they hit the red carpet in a sexy suit or are on dad duty in comfy joggers, these men never become victim of the fashion police.

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This Easy DIY Hair Mask Will Keep Your Locks In Check For Summer 06/14/2017

diy hair mask photo

We don’t want to ever be complainers about the summer months, but when you have frizzy and dry hair, the struggle can be real. It seems impossible to tame any flyaways, and to even attempt to get your hair sleek and straight seems like a joke. Summer can cause your hair to get dry, leading to breakage and split ends – ew.

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10 Times Anna Wintour Was Our Spirit Animal 06/11/2017

anna wintour main photo
Our dreams have come true and there’s finally a television show coming out on the life of the queen of fashion, Anna Wintour. (YASSS!) While we have to wait for the airdate to see entertainment unfold, we’re already imagining catfights, fashion industry drama, boy problems, and so much more. In the meantime, here are 10 times Wintour was our spirit animal.

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How To Grow Beautiful Selfie-Worthy Eyelashes 06/10/2017

eyelash main photo

Thick eyebrows aren’t our only obsession – everyone wants long, beautiful, butterfly eyelashes! It’s hard to not get swept up in a world that now offers you lash extensions, but it’s just as hard to sweep up the money for their maintenance. Falsies may do wonders temporarily, but they’re just as annoying to throw on for the night – and things can totally go wrong while wearing them (trust us). Just like your eyebrows need attention, your eyelashes also need some TLC in order to grow long and gorgeous. Here are a few tips on how to make your lashes longer than ever.

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Culotte Jeans Are Totes Happening Right Now 06/08/2017

culotte denim jeans

We’re not exactly sure what culotte means, but what we do know is if you take mom jeans + cropped pants + flares, you’ll totally get a pair. We tried to deny the pants as long as we could from our closet, but we’ll be the first to admit, their flirty look is growing on us. Culotte jeans are just like coffee – they definately are an acquired taste, but after one try, you’ll start asking yourself why you can’t stop!

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