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Boyfriend Shorts Are Actually Trending Right Now – Here’s How To Make Them Look Good 05/15/2017

boyfriend shorts main

Boyfriend jeans have literally just gotten the cut. The newest summer trend is a pair of distressed boyfriend shorts, which have been spotted on major celebs like Gigi Hadid and Kim Kardashian, and are a blessing for all who just aren’t into the whole short-shorts thing. Although they are the perfect casual meets effortlessly glam outfit, it’s easy to style them wrong and look like you’ve just returned from being the most recent contestant voted off the island. To save you from making that mistake, we pulled together the best way to style the piece.

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Your Target Store Addiction Might Be Cured With Their Next-Day Delivery 05/14/2017

The struggle is real – you know, when you walk into Target only needing ONE thing, but then the $1 row grasps your attention, and the next aisle, and the next, and the next … Before you know it, your $10 run turned into a $200 one. If you’re suffering from Target store addiction, you’re not alone, and don’t be scared, because there might be a cure coming soon near you.

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5 Outfits Perfect For Dartying 05/12/2017

dartying main photo

While it might not feel like it, sooner than later, it’s going to warm up. Warm weather means one thing – dartying (day partying). Whether you’re finally celebrating the rising temperature, end of finals or summer Fridays, darty season is an important one. From roof tops, to ool parties and patios, we all know dartying can be pretty messy. From drink spillage, wear-and-tears, food stains – a lot could go wrong. However, with our style guide for daging (day raging), you’ll be as polished as you can possibly be to withstand the day.

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These Blouse Styles are Taking Over the Spring Season 05/11/2017


Previous seasons have overwhelmed us with our favorite go-to trends, like the off-the-shoulder and bell sleeve tops. They make for perfect staple pieces, and has birthed different eclectic variations. This Spring is all about the A-symmetrical and wrap top, some containing elements of the previous trends, and fun prints and statement sleeves. Continue reading “These Blouse Styles are Taking Over the Spring Season”


Beyonce’s Twins Are Slaying So Hard In Her Latest Pregnancy Outfits 05/10/2017

beyonce main photo

Beyonce knows how to slay when it comes to dressing her adorable bump. Unlike her carry with Blue, the singer has no problem showing off her pregnancy style, posting photos nonstop for fans. Whether she’s hitting the red carpet or going on a date with her man, she’s proved that double the fun only makes her fashion 10x more fierce. Her latest bumpin’ style was anything but normal – but hello, this is Beyonce we’re talking about. While we anticipate the arrival of the two tiny humans, we gathered her latest maternity-wear (or should we say Beyonce-wear), to help us get through the countdown.

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WRUW Style Squad 05/08/2017

style contributor

You either have it, or you don’t. We caught up with some ladies who took the runway to the streets and pulled off impressive #ootd’s. Check out what they had to say about their look and what inspires them.

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