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Famous Beauty Stars Star In Glamour’s “What I Wish I Could Tell My Teen Self: VIDEO 03/19/2017

beauty photo
Each year we gain more wisdom, more confidence and become less apologetic. Oh yeah, and did we mention more bad a**?!
Glamour magazine rounded up some of the biggest beauty influencers and asked them what they would tell their younger selves. While their their words were powerful as they were inspiring, we also know their past made them who they are today!

Continue reading “Famous Beauty Stars Star In Glamour’s “What I Wish I Could Tell My Teen Self: VIDEO”


These Are The Best Little Black Bikinis For Spring Break 03/18/2017

main black bikini photo

We thought we did it – we thought we got through a rough winter, and then, March came and surprised us all, causing us to go back into dreaming of spring break. Luckily, vacay and spring break isn’t too far away. The best way to get rid of winter depression? Slipping on a bikini – and what’s more flattering and sexy than a little back bikini?

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Keep Austin Weird: The Best SXSW Street Style 03/17/2017

sxsw style 1

Austin, Texas – The live music capital of the world. It also is the home to Austin City Limits and South by Southwest. The streets of Austin, Texas contain everything from custom poem writers to break dancers. This city embraces uniqueness staying true to the saying, “Keep Austin Weird”. Roaming the streets of SXSW, I came across all different styles: Boho, hipster, trendy, and honestly just plain weird. Here are some of my favorite looks I came across roaming the streets of SXSW. Continue reading “Keep Austin Weird: The Best SXSW Street Style”


How To Cover Up St. Patty’s Day Hangover 03/15/2017


St. Patrick’s day is Friday, which means green beer, cute lime outfits and of course, lots of “kiss me’s.” Unfortunately, green beverages also lead to one thing – the dreaded hangover.

Let’s be real – St. Pat’s hangovers aren’t your average hangover. They seem to hurt 10x more, and seem to need two days for recovery. But here’s the thing – St. Patty’s is on a Friday, which means you’ll still have lots of fun to do on a Saturday – which means you still need to look your best. Continue reading “How To Cover Up St. Patty’s Day Hangover”


Latex Pants Are The New Leggings 03/13/2017

Call it whatever you want – vinyl, patent leather, latex – it’s coming whether you’re ready or not. In fact, the coated pants are already here, and have been seen on loads of celebrities like Kendall Jenner and spotted on the PFW and NYFW runways. One thing’s for sure, the pants will give you a sexy attitude with the S&M bondage feel it’s got going on. Continue reading “Latex Pants Are The New Leggings”

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