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Fast Fashion Season 3, Episode 3: Katy Lynch

This week we publish our conversation with the beautiful Katy Lynch. Investor. Entrepreneur. Self Exclaimed Super Hero. We sat down with her a few weeks before she launched her newest venture, Codeverse, to talk all things business, female empowerment, and how we can all be prepared for the future. She gives us all the feels as she tells us her feelings on starting businesses, what kids should be studying in school today and how she came up with her new venture, Codeverse, the world's first fully interactive coding school and educational tech platform that teaches kids to code. Trust us, if you ever had the thought to start your own business, you will be 100% ready after listening to our conversation with Katy. Don't forget to watch our In the Studio episode, and make sure to keep up with her on LinkedIn and Instagram for all the things she is up to now, and in the future.


Fast Fashion Season 3, Episode 2: Alexandra Moresco

There are some people who love fashion, and then there is Alexandra Moresco. In this episode of Fast Fashion, Mary catches up with Alex Moresco - fashion blogger and PR Maven extraordinaire. Not only was she working on her fashion blog and growing her empire while in school at Depaul, but by senior year, Alex already had clients for her own PR firm. Her business has continued to boom, and now she's working with celebs left and right all over the country. So how did she market herself and put her foot in the door, AND stay motivated in such a large industry? Listen to the podcast and find out! Learn more about Alex's company Follow Alex's Instagram Follow Alex on Twitter


Fast Fashion Season 3, Episode 1: Candid Conversations With Athena

It's a new year and a new season for WRUW's Fast Fashion! To kick things off, your new host Mary Melniko sat down with the WRUW crew and singer / fashion stylist, Athena, to talk about everything ... and we mean, everything. From the social media world of followers and relationship drama (how do you tell a friend to move on and stop chasing someone!?), to keeping the honeymoon stage alive and taking care of yourself, WRUW gets real in the studio. Oh yeah, did we mention Athena was on The Voice, and gave us a little taste of one of our favorite songs ... what better way to end a podcast? Don't forget to check out our new video series capturing the look and conversation while recording the podcast by checking out our first episode of In the Studio with the WRUW squad.


Fast Fashion Season 2, Episode 7: Katie Schuppler- Style Consultant & Contributor

Katie is a girl after our own hearts. She is creative, organically understands the rules behind how to get dressed in the morning and, oh yeah, has a little jewelry company on the side with her husband. When we say she is creative, we really mean it. She has her own blog that is product focussed and she contributes on a regular basis for Chicago Woman's Magazine. When we say she knows how to get dressed, she really does! She has her own styling company with clients she does at home/closet consults, shopping and look books for. In our season finale of the podcast, we chat with Katie about all of this plus how much her and her husband love to travel and how they plan on paying for their trip around the world, how she describes her personal style and how her dad is her biggest motivator. After all that, if you want to see what we talked about after the podcast was over, check out our season finale of Behind the Scenes featuring Katie.


Fast Fashion Season 2, Episode 06: Whitney Middleton, Stylist & Creative Director

stylist whitney middleton As soon as Whitney Middleton learned that there was even such a thing as a job that paid you to put people in amazing clothes (thank you Rachel Zoe), she knew it was the job for her. She left her corporate job and dedicated her life to fulfilling her passion in the job she wanted. After doing some creative direction work with e-drop off full time, she decided to take the leap into being a full time, independent stylist. Now she has been to New York Fashion Week and is responsible for some of the most talked about looks from Chance the Rapper. Take a listen to some of the things Whitney still wants to learn and what is the outfit she credits with the most significant to her career and will remember forever. Then, if you haven't already, go check out what we talked about in the studio when the mics were off on our latest episode of Behind the Scenes.


Fast Fashion Season 2, Episode 5: Blake Von D, Digital Influencer

In this week's episode of Fast Fashion, we explore with and get to know, Blake, the curator and founder of the site Blake Von D. As you can already tell from her style, she is a force to be reckoned with. We talked about her own personal struggle with her self esteem, how she started her blog, and the idea of if her posting her outfits on Instagram everyday is actually doing anything positive for the world. After listening to this episode and understanding the true influence this influencer is having on the blogispher, the short answer is- YES! And in addition to the fun, hilarious nuggets Blake gives us in her Behind the Scenes episode we recorded around recording the podcast, Blake dishes on some of her new favorite tools for having the perfect Instagram.


Fast Fashion: Season 2 (BONUS EPISODE) Candid Conversations Series (01)

Sex. Career. Relationships. Just some of the topics the WhatRUWearing team decides to chat candidly about in our first candid conversation episode. We invited Kira Dohrn Jones, the lady behind @lifeofke and bestie to our very own host, Meghan, or as most of you know her as, Ms. Lincoln Park Minute. Kira is in her senior year at DePaul University, majoring in PR and minoring in Advertising and has her sights set on taking over LA after school. We had so much fun!!! When does a hook up turn into a relationship and how do you even know? Is 'Friends with Benefits' a thing you could do, or nah? Before graduation, when is the best time to start looking and applying for jobs? How the hell do you network? Advice from Farissa on how to get the most out of a job you might not love, before landing your dream job... The tip of the iceberg when it comes to the questions we discussed freely and openly, in some cases, maybe a little too freely and openly if your mom happens to listen. We are looking at you Kira!!!


Fast Fashion Season 2, Episode 4: Alyssa Doorhy, Founder of CoChic Styling

Alyssa has been busy in the fashion industry ever since graduating from University of Miami, Ohio. After earning her Communications Degree and working at a small ad agency for a time, the opportunity presented itself to open a fashion boutique with her family. After four years of running the store, it was time to shut it down. The inspiration for starting her personal styling company, CoChic Styling, which stands for comfortably chic, was a combination of how tough retail is and her realizing that what excited her the most about her job was helping the boutique customers put together outfits, even if it was with items from their closet at home with pieces from the store. In this week's episode, we chat with her about this, some of the lessons she took from the boutique to her styling company and what she loves the most about styling brides to be. And because you need something else to distract you from doing what you're supposed to be doing, check out our latest episode of Behind the Scenes with WhatRUWearing, capturing what happened in the studio with Alyssa when the mics were off.


Fast Fashion Season 2, Episode 3: Jacki Debb of Jax and Debb Boutique

If you are looking for something to inspire you to not give up on an idea or dream that you have, look no further than Jacki Debb. Not even out of her twenties yet and she has successfully professionally styled models, worked with some amazing fashion retail stores and has launched her very own unisex boutique right here in Chicago's Wicker Park neighborhood. In this week's episode, Jacki shares her secret formula for making all of this a reality. In addition to having the right relationships, experience and a dad who tricked her into creating a massive savings account, she credits determination and not being able to take 'no' for an answer, as the sauce that makes what she's serving, so delicious! When you are done listening to Jacki and daydreaming about what you would do if all of sudden one day you learned you had accidentally saved enough money to start a business, take a peek at what happened when we were done recording in our latest episode of Behind the Scenes with WhatRUWearing, featuring Jacki!


Fast Fashion Season 2, Episode 2: Lily Duevel, Founder of Ladder PR and adoptedSTYLE

If you look up "hustler" in the dictionary, you will find a photo of Lily Duevel, fearless leader and founder of both Ladder PR and adoptedSTYLE. Seriously. With a full time job as an enterprise account manager at Yello, a talent acquisition software company, in addition to two companies of her own, Lily is truly a Jane of all trades who discovered the keys to combining fashion and communication, effortlessly. A natural born entrepreneur, Lily took on her first fashion venture in the sixth grade selling the gently worn Abercrombie and Hollister clothes she no longer wanted, to friends. Needless to say, "Lily's Closet" was a big hit in her Minneapolis-based middle school. That is, until her mom found out and shut down all operations, immediately. That didn't stop Lily though, who originally saw a career path in teaching our youth. Having observed her mother, who previously pro bono styled fashion shows for local boutiques, in exchange for free clothes, Lily quickly figured out that a career path in marketing and communications was a better fit for her. So she transferred schools, switched her major and never looked back. Since graduating, Lily has moved to Chicago (with only 5 days to do so), held a sales position at Groupon, where she was promoted every six months and ultimately helped build out the sales team, created a boutique public relations agency, and a styling service, that all started with a simple tweet. And somehow, she still finds time to Soul Cycle at the end of the day. If we didn't already convince you, Lily is someone who you want to know and can learn from. Plug in your headphones and get inspired. And when you're done, be sure to watch our behind the scenes episode with Lily. Her personality lit up the entire studio.


Fast Fashion Season 2, Episode 1: Kristine Steiner, Fashion Illustrator

On the season 2 premiere of Fast Fashion, we sat down with Kristine Steiner, one of the best Chicago-based fashion illustrators in the game. To date, Kristine has had opportunities to illustrate for major brands ranging from Neiman Marcus, Rue La La, David Yurman, Cotton and more. Always drawing as a little kid and expressing a strong interest in visual art, Kristine fell in love with fashion illustration around age eight or nine, when she became aware that fashion was an actual industry, due to her love for shopping and clothing. She then went on to study fashion design at the Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago and now, her incredibly chic and charming creations bring leggy, modelesque and vibrant fashion silhouettes to life by way of our Instagram feeds! Strongly influenced by pieces she wishes she could wear, would love to see hanging in her closet, and of course, her own personal style, which she describes as minimal, Kristine credits her brilliance, in part, to her job in retail working as a visual merchandiser and finds much of her inspiration through street style in Chicago, because you just never know what you might see on the city streets. Kristine's availability to transform anyone into the more stylish sketch of themselves is incredible so check out her episode and find out who she follows on the gram, for style inspiration, her creative process, which clients she dreams of working one-on-one with, the advice she'd give to aspiring illustrators and what she does for fun, outside of sketching. Also, be sure to check out the behind the scenes view of her episode, below and subscribe to our brand new YouTube channel!


Fast Fashion Episode 10: Farissa Knox of WhatRUWearing

 The first words that come to mind when we think of Farissa Knox, founder of WhatRUWearing are: fearless, fabulous, unapologetically herself. From her Bronx meets Lakeview personal style to her ability to command attention in a room, without saying anything, Farissa is someone anyone would have the honor to know. On the season finale of Fast Fashion: the Podcast Experience from WhatRUWearing, we sat down with Farissa and discussed entrepreneurship (she has two companies, one which she started in her twenties), what it means to be a boss, period and why you should strive to be the best version of yourself, her experience in self-publishing a book (Love, Sex and Friendship: In No Particular Order), dating in your 20s (she's had some intense experiences) and the future of WhatRUWearing. This episode will give you a glimpse into the life of Farissa but also provide you with a little peak into what makes her a role model for so many twenty somethings. And because Farissa is an open book, literally no question was off limits, meaning this is one episode you definitely will not want to miss. 


Fast Fashion Episode 9: Kathy Ruda of Nike

If you don't know Kathy Ruda, creative genius and Nike's Digital Field Services Coordinator, you should! Kathy has an incredible success story, one full of tenacity and big dreams. When we sat down with Kathy a few weeks ago, we quickly learned that she has a passion for people, a social media savvy spirit, longing for leadership and craving for community involvement. Hence why, she was the perfect candidate for her current job -- she currently works for Nike Central Territory as the Digital Field Services Coordinator and is a Women's Health Magazine 2016-17 Action Hero. So how did the 2015 graduate of the University of Illinois - Urbana manage to graduate and get one of the coolest jobs ever in less than a year? Well, you'll have to listen to the Podcast to find that out! Do know it didn't just happen by luck, a love for fitness and stylish athleisure wear. Pop your headphones in and get inspired because Kathy's story and outlook on life is absolutely phenomenal! 


Fast Fashion Episode 8: Lauren Gilliam of WhatRUWearing

If you or someone you know has ever worked in the world of public relations, you know there are some truly out there but fantastic, stories. While things don't get too crazy, with this week's guest, unless you count an influencer missing her flight the day of an event she was booked for and our guest having to dash into overtime to fix it, she provides a refreshing perspective on what it's like to work behind the scenes of a fashion brand versus within an agency setting and how she found professional success. This is one podcast you won't want to miss because not only does Lauren touch on her professional success but she also drops major key's on how to healthily maintain a long distance relationship, her love for the Kardashian's and the fashion brands she swears by. Literally, this girl could be a walking billboard for some of the ones she named. Take a listen and get a behind the scenes look at the career and lifestyle of Lauren Gilliam, WhatRUWearing's PR Manager.


Fast Fashion Episode 7: Emily Cleary of Entertainment Cruises Chicago

If you looked up "Jill of all trades" in the dictionary, there's a strong possibility that you'd find a photo of Emily Cleary, Marketing Manager at Entertainment Cruises Chicago. Before taking her marketing talents to Entertainment Cruises, where the young maven handles all things related to marketing, advertising and promotions for the yacht line, Emily extended her sparkle and professionalism to Rent the Runway and Teen Vogue, where she worked with Adele before she reached her current star potential! Locally, Emily also had the pleasure of working with Margie Korshak and Monika Dixon Public Relations, where she received a job shortly after graduating from the University of Illinois. In the latest episode of Fast Fashion, we sat down with Emily and talked about how to be a successful intern and entry-level employee, if working at Teen Vogue was anything like how it was portrayed on The Hills and that one really awesome moment when Anna Wintour complimented her shoes! 


Fast Fashion Episode 6: Sydney Thompson of Classic City Chic

Not all fashion bloggers are created equally and that's what makes Sydney Thompson of Classic City Chic so unique! According to Sydney, her and her best friend, Maya, who she met while attending the University of Illinois, created Classic City Chic, post grad, due to discussions around fashion and style lacking realistic perspectives. Sadly, we all can't have closets full of Chanel and Dior. As a result, the duo went on to start their blog and dedicated themselves to expressing their creativity, exploring their various ideas and passions while helping their readers look great in classic, affordable pieces! Sydney sat down with Meghan and discussed her favorite places to shop, how she feels that malls are overrated and how she takes unique pieces and makes them her own. 


Fast Fashion Episode 5: Vinova Deniz of See You at Brunch

This one's for all the free spirits and foodies out there: meet Vinova Deniz, the brains and photographer behind the delectable "See You at Brunch" Instagram account and hashtag. We chatted with the New York native, who will soon be moving to Miami for a post grad opportunity with Hillstone Restaurant Group - who made it very clear that she's through and through a New Yorker, having grown up in Manhattan and moved to Chicago for college by picking a city out of a hat- about Chicago's hospitality scene, how the idea of "See You at Brunch" originated and her definition of comfort food (hint: it's not your mother's mac & cheese!) Whether you eat out every day, are experimenting more in the kitchen or are a professional bruncher like Vinova - this is one conversation you won't want to miss. You're sure to walk away inspired by her carefree nature.



Fast Fashion Episode 4: Nicholas Butts of 10 Management

Nicholas Butts has an alluring energy that can't be matched. With Barbie as his muse, the Junior Agent at 10 MGMT Modeling Agency paved his own lane, at a young age, and never looked back. In this episode of Fast Fashion, Nicholas talks about growing up in a small town in downstate Illinois (shoutout to Decatur), why he's not fit for New York City (the whole "working to live" aspect isn't really his thing), his method for scouting models in the city (it's brilliant, if we do say so ourselves), post grad plans and his work with GLAAD and their GLAAD Hatter Brunch and Tea Dance, taking place on May 15. 


Fast Fashion Episode 3: Kristi Pawlowicz, Founder of 522 Envy

Kristi Pawlowicz is not your average 20-something. At the ripe age of 26, a few years after graduating from Mizzou, Kristi successfully started and opened her own clothing boutique - 522 Envy, formally Envy Evanston. Having previously worked at the Envy boutique in Columbia, Missouri during undergrad, Kristi fell in love with retail and after serving as a manager at a family owned boutique, she ventured out on her own in 2013. On today's Fast Fashion episode, we chatted with her about advice she'd give her collegiate self, what her self proclaimed "hot mess chic" style consists of, the trends she's predicting for summer, what's next for 522 Envy and how she got her fiancé to propose to her after ten years of dating. Yes, you read that right - ten years! 


Fast Fashion Episode 2: Kayla Reyes and Andrea Valle of John Marshall Law School's Fashion Law Society

On Episode 2 of Fast Fashion, we sat down with YouTube sensation Kayla Reyes of CutesyGirl09 and Andrea Valle, both Fashion Law students at John Marshall Law School in Chicago. With impeccable style and grades to match, the hardworking ladies explain what “fashion law” entails from a legal standpoint, describe how they represent their personal style in a conservative, male-dominated field and dish on who their favorite style and beauty gurus are – yes, Kylie Jenner is included in this, as well as tips for how to score one of her coveted lip kits! They also spilled details surrounding our co-sponsored #BOSSPERIOD: a Women's Empowerment and Fashion Show Extravaganza, taking place on Thursday, April 14 from 5-8 pm at John Marshall. While it’s certainly an entertaining listen, it’s also inspiring and informative for those who may want to pursue more unconventional careers within the fashion industry. 


Fast Fashion Episode 1: Laura Kujawa, Market Lead for Gilt City Chicago

We all know Gilt City. With locations in Chicago, Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington D.C. it’s literally impossible not to know about the exciting and one-of-a-kind offers suggested by the network. Whether you’re looking for location specific restaurants, shopping, spas, salons, events and even fitness – the team at Gilt City has you covered! But how do they find these fabulous suggestions? Look no further than the curators. In Chicago, Laura Kujawa, Gilt City’s Market Lead, is responsible for making you fall in love with some of your favorite spots. So how did she get there? Host Meghan McAllister of Lincoln Park Minute asked just that amongst a number of other questions about Laura’s love of fashion and the best items she’s ever splurged on, in addition to a few that she wouldn’t necessarily drop major coins on. You’ll definitely want to take notes on this one.

Links from this episode: https://www.giltcity.com/chicago

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