7 Brides Reveal How They Felt When Finding Their Wedding Dress

They say it’s like finding your soul mate – when you find it, you stop looking. But when it comes to the fashion world, easier said than done! What exactly are we talking about? Finding “it,” “the one,” “thee dress,” for the day you marry the love of your life. So what does it feel like when that moment happens? The truth is, it’s different for everyone.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by committing and purchasing, you are not alone! While some have happy tears, some have anxiety – and we’re here to let you know, that is OKAY! We got together with seven brides who recently said, “I do,” to see what their experience was when saying, “yes,” to the dress. Check them out below.

“I was between two dresses that were completely different. One was exactly what I pictured myself in walking down the aisle, and the other was the complete opposite – but I loved it just as much. I went back and forth for numerous days, stressing over which one to get. I went back to the store that had the “opposite” dress, and knew, that was it! However, when I placed it on at home a few months down, I freaked out and wondered if I had made a major mistake. Committing to a dress is hard for some of us, because we always wonder if there are better options! A few months down I tried it on again, and went back to that loving feeling – thank goodness! When it came to my wedding day, I couldn’t be more happy, nor could my dress be more perfect.” – Kayla, 24-years-old

“I had an awesome lady help me out – my advice is make sure you are clicking with whoever is helping you at the store. She was listening to every single thing I’d say when trying things on, and she saw what flattered my figure and took noticed what I liked or didn’t like. She brought in a dress that I never in a million years would have picked out myself. She told me, “I have a feeling this is the one,” which I of course did a fake smile to. But I had to bite my own tongue, because she was SO right. It was my dream dress and without her, I would’ve never have found my accidental dream dress.” – Caroline, 31-years-old

“It was the first dress I tried on. I got so excited because I thought, “Hey, if I love this one this much, then think how many more dresses I’m going to love. But after dress after dress, the first dress was the only one I could think of. That was it for me! I made the purchase that day and never looked back or wondered what else was out there. Luckily, my husband loved it just as much as me.” – Corey, 33-years-old

“To say frustrated is an understatement. I tried on dress after dress, at location after location, but nothing felt right. My family that came with me would be in tears of joy over some of the dresses, but for me, it still didn’t feel right. It began feeling more like a chore than something to enjoy, so I took a break from dress shopping. I was at a non-bridal store and saw a gorgeous white lace gown and tried it on. I ended up walking down the aisle in that dress.” Jessie, 26-years-old

“I had been to tons of places and hadn’t found what I wanted. Finally, I found the most beautiful, flawless dress. My budget, which I had told the stylist at the boutique, was $1,500. When I asked for the cost, they told me it was over $3,000! My stomach dropped. I was able to talk them down to $2,000, but at that point, I felt as though they were taking advantage of me. I ended up dishing out the dough, which was way over my budget once alterations and the veil were added, but I felt at the time, that was easier than continuing to look. While I loved my dress, I wish I would’ve taken more time to go some other places to see if they had the same look for less. ” – Brittney, 30-years-old

“When I tried on my dress, I cried and cried – all happy, of course. But when I went out to show my family and friends, they all told me they liked “the other one a lot better.” I was of course devastated. However, I knew that they’d love anything I was in and that it was MY day, so I stuck with my gut. When it came down to the day, my friends and family wouldn’t have cared if I wore a paper sack, and I’m glad I went with what I loved over what other people loved.” Sammie, 26-years-old

“I loved being engaged, so I wanted to soak in finding the dress as much as I could. I made trips all over to look at bridal stores including Chicago, Cincinnati and even NYC. Unfortunately, nothing ever felt like “the one.” I stumbled upon a bridal boutique of used wedding dresses and was amazed. I had always thought wearing someone else’s wedding dress would freak me out, but I fell in love with loads of dresses at that store. I was between three and finally narrowed it down with the help of my family. My advice is to try on things you wouldn’t ever think you’d do, because you never know!” – Taylor, 24-years old