10 Fashionable Pinterest Boards You MUST Follow

Like every other human, we, too, are guilty of spending countless hours updating our Pinterest boards. Although we aren’t quite ready for summer to end, we realize fall is slowly, but surely, approaching and we’re anxious to say the least. Before we know it, we’ll be putting away our sundresses and shorts in exchange for leather jackets, layering scarves and an excuse to shop for those perfect new boots we saw while window shopping on a summer Friday. Whether you’re hoping to update your wardrobe for the fall season or want overall outfit inspiration to last you throughout what’s left of summer, we’re sharing our top 10 favorite fashion boards from the tastemakers and brands we love.

1. Wit & Whimsy, “Just My Style – Sitting at a coffee shop doing work or simply running errands? No problem! This board includes everything from your basic white sneaker to fashion forward outfits you can sport on the daily.


2. StylerCaster, “Street Style – If you’re one of those people who picks out their outfits the morning of, this is definitely a board you’ll want to start following now. Whether you’re heading to class or to work, these pins will keep you on your A-game.


3. Slufoot, “Outfits – If you plan to fail and find yourself running late but don’t want to look like you got dressed in the dark, this board is for you. Not only will it help you look put together, their outfits are minimalist and will have you looking like an off-duty model in no time. 


4. POPSUGAR Fashion,Editors’ Must Have List – This board is jampacked with the best of the best. From seasonal items and the sale of the day, to the coolest shoes and the most fabulous phone cases, this board has it all!


5. Everyday Chic,Designer Duds – “Obsessed” is not even going to begin describing how we feel about these pins. We have a strong feeling that many of our fall looks will be inspired by their pins. 


6. Paola Calderon,Lookbook Favorites – These pins are not for the faint of heart, but they sure are fabulous!


7. Devon Rachel,Sizzling Style – With a variety of styles ranging from boho, preppy, classic and glam (just to name a few), we promise you’ll be able to recreate these outfits no matter what you wake up wanting to challenge. 


8. Jessica Wener,Styled – This board mainly focuses on accessories and has layout views galore – we love it! You’ll never want to leave the house again without bringing some bling and incorporating it into you’re own mini photo shoot.


9. Kelly AnnStyle. – These photos take today’s trends and make them look effortless. These looks are perfect for weekend brunch or a weekday shopping trip.


10. Studentrate, Fashion Trends – This board gives you exactly what it sounds like; the seasons hottest trends with links to discounts and the best deals. You can’t go wrong here!