10 Ways To Support & Wear The “Me Too” Campaign

While the “Me Too” campaign has waken up the world – it sadly hasn’t stopped the issue. We want to keep the awareness going – which is why we are bringing you some of the best fashionable items to wear to spread the news.

#MeToo was brought to the world’s attention 10 years ago by activist Tarna Burke, who founded Just Be Inc. She started the trend in order to help sexual assault survivors in underpivledged communities who did not have access to rape crisis center or counseling. Burke hoped to create opportunites for women to heal – but as we learned, rape does not discriminate. Her movement now is “empowerment through empath” and her goal is to bring “messages and words and encouragement to survivors of sexual violence where other peopl wouldn’t be talking about it”

The phrase went viral, and shows how much the issue needs to be talked about. We rounded up 10 items to keep the awareness going and to help support all those who are victims of sexual assault. Check them out below.

Me too, #metoo, Soft Comfy Ladies V-neck Shirt, Awareness, Sexual Assault Survivor, Feminism, Feminist, Equality, $18

Me too, #metoo, Baseball Cap, Awareness, Sexual Assault Survivor, Feminism, Feminist, Equality, Sport-Tek®, RacerMesh® Cap, $28



Me Too – #metoo – MeToo Leggings – Sexual Assault Awareness – Black Leggings – Yoga Pants – Workout Leggings – Fitness Leggings – Feminist, $29.95

Me Too Necklace – #metoo Pendant – End sexual harassment – Girl Power Jewelry, $19.95

Me Too #MeToo Adult Crewneck Sweatshirt, $15.99

Me too, #metoo, Soft Comfy Raglan Shirt, Awareness, Sexual Assault Survivor, Feminism, Feminist, Equality, $19.99

Hashtag metoo bracelet – #metoo – Me Too – sexual assault awareness – Metal Hand Stamped Cuff Bracelet – Hand Stamped – Aluminum, $14.99

Me too Necklace, me too jewelry, me too pendant, Sexual Assault Survivor, Sexual Assault Awareness, Feminism, Feminist, Equality, $15

me too, #metoo, donate, movement, tank top to raise awareness, minimalist, #stopthesilence, $22.00

Me Too, #METOO, Metoo, Hashtag, Sexual Harassment, Graphic Tee, Sexual Assault, Feminism, Feminist, Equality, Tshirt, T Shirt, T-shirt, $13.75