10 IG Captions For When You’re Getting Lit On Rosé

Summa, summa time! Seriously, it took long enough, so obvs we are going to go day drink and enjoy the sun while we still can (which will prob be a whole two months). Which means, you better take as many IG photos as you can, because it’s going to come and go. And what’s better than a photo that includes your favorite best friend … rosé!

We know how annoying creating captions can be – so we’re doing all the hard work for you and giving you tons of choices. Now, go get drinking and less IG caption thinking!

Take time to smell the rosé.

Who needs a bed of roses? Give me a bed of rosé.

Rosé cheeks in this sunshine.

Pink it’s the color of passion, cause today it just goes with the fashion.

Rosé szn.

Nothing like some blooming rosé.

Rosé don’t ever betray.

Slay all day, then rosé.

Rosé the day away.

La vie en rose.