10 Open Back Sweaters That Are Legitimately Sexy & Affordable AF

While we love a good oversized knit, there are some days we still want to reveal some skin while still staying cozy.

We aren’t talking the bell sleeve or the off-the-shoulder trend, no this takes it to one more level of dope and sexy – we’re talking about the latest fun fall trend – the open back sweater.

When you walk into a room, your basic b*#ch top quickly turns more risque and mysterious the second you whip around. The best part? It’s versatile AF. Wear it with trousers, skirts, jeans, vinyl pants – your options are endless. We whipped some of our fav knit to kick things off so you can start bringing sexy back ASAP.

V-back knot sweater, $23

Open back raglan sweater, $18

Lace up knit sweater, $18

Twisted back jumper, $20

Cutout open back loose jumper, $24

Cutout tie sleeve V open back sweater, $22

Crisscross v open back sweater, $14

Crisscross cutout open back sweater, $14

Open back knot sleeve sweater, $13

Open back turtle neck sweater, $35