10 Planners That’ll Make You Look Like You Have Your ? Together

School is almost back in session, which means there's going to be a whole lot going on. Between exams, homework and your active social life, you're totally going to need one place to keep it all together - trust us, Google Calendar just doesn't have the same feeling.

A new planner creates a clean slate and helps us prioritize our most important events and tasks. The last thing you want to do is miss your bestie's birthday, an important work meeting or major exam. The only thing better than checking things off your list? Having a stylish agenda book that makes you want to plan. We rounded up 10 fashionable planners so you can not only feel good about being organized, but look good doing it, too!


Make Things Happen, $14.95

Marble Planner, $30

Dash Planner, $12.99

Best Year Ever Planner, $19.95

Poppin Planner, $15


Moonlit Garden Planner, $34