11 Iconic & Last Minute Halloween Costumes

One of our favorite times of the year is almost here (like literally days away) and our planning has gone into overdrive with trying to figure out the best costume for Halloween 2015. We don’t want to go with something standard or a costume that we know everyone has already schemed on, but rather, one that will allow us to stay true to our fashion roots and something we can ultimately pull together overnight. Listed below, you’ll find a few ideas inspired by some of our favorites within the fashion world and instructions for an easy-to-create outfit!

1. Betsey Johnson

Tap into your more eccentric side and rock the festive holiday, with your own exuberance, by channeling your inner Betsey. We know you have some wild pieces in your closet and this would be the perfect costume to incorporate those. Get ready to set the town pink by thinking stripes, brights and accessories galore!

2. North and Penelope

Here’s the first of our BFF costumes: North and P! This costume is super easy and depending on your own skills and closets, may not even cost you a thing. All you need are tutus, leotards, ballet shoes or flats, and for whomever takes the plunge to play Nori, you’ll need a blazer! Balmain, not required. 

3. Cookie Lyon (Empire)

If you’re wanting to be original and trendy, creating your own Cookie Lyon inspired outfit is simple and most importantly, fierce! Throw a faux fur coat over your animal print ensemble and you may find yourself responsible for your new favorite weekend wear trend.

4. Cher and Dee (Clueless)

Are you feeling nostalgic this year or maybe looking to go in the more “vintage” route? If so, call up your best friend and let her know you all are slaying this year as Cher and Dionne, the ultimate 90s pair. This costume is also perfect because plaid is SO in this season, so finding a matching BFF ensemble won’t be as hard as you think!

5. Elle Woods (Legally Blonde)

If you’ve got a closet full of pink, then you should have no problem throwing together the greatest Elle Woods outfit sans a cute little chihuahua named Bruiser. Once you’ve pulled your costume together, make sure to add a bright pink lip to the equation and do NOT forget a head-turning manicure!

6. Chanel Oberlin (Scream Queens)

The new hit show, Scream Queens, gives us more than entertainment, but a plethora of truly amazing outfit ideas! Regardless of if you have Chanel #1’s allowance or you’re working with a full-time student budget, you can find a number of these trendy looks in stores and more than likely in your own closet! Gather up your friends to dress as the other Chanel minions and be sure to watch out for the red devil.

7. Grace Coddington and Anna Wintour

You don’t necessarily need beautiful red hair and a chic bob to pull of this costume idea, just a fresh pair of black sunglasses and all black attire! Only a true fashion lover will recognize these two costumes from across the room!

8. Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and The City)

Okay, so if you don’t already own a tulle skirt and you’re not interested in buying one then this costume may not be for you. However, if you’re a Carrie Bradshaw lover, than you more than likely already own this outfit in its entirety and what better excuse, than Halloween, to go out and wear it again?! All you need is tulle, curls, and a fabulous pair of shoes! As amazing as Manolo Blhanik’s would be, they’re absolutely not required!

9. Coco Chanel

Although we’re convinced no one will ever actually match up to Coco Chanel’s perfection, Halloween provides the perfect opportunity to channel your inner Chanel! Structured pieces, pearls and a chic hat is all you’ll need!

10. Kim Kardashian-West

There’s literally a million Kim Kardashian-West outfits we’re dying to replicate, but this one is definitely one of the sexiest and easiest for last-minute mock-ups. Fortunately, mesh, camo print, and a nude lip is easy to rock and looks great on pretty much everyone.

11. Chic Zombie

Yes, yes, you may think zombies may be a littler overdone, but we always have time for any and everything chic! A statement lip, dark, eerie eye makeup, obscure hair, and a trendy outfit will definitely get the job done!