12 Outfits From The WhatRUWearing App That Inspired Our Own!


If you haven’t checked out the WRUW App lately, it’s definitely a hot spot for the best fashion selfies, aerial outfit views, and accessory pics from trendsetters and style makers from around the world. Sure, Instagram, Tumblr, and Facebook are loaded with pictures, but why not share your everyday looks somewhere where followers thrive on your fashion sense and where using someone else’s outfit for inspiration is strongly encouraged?! You don’t have to filter to find fashionable posts, all your favorite styles are brought to you right on the home page.

Because we cruise through the app, multiple times and daily, we’ve scrolled past our fair share of both unique outfits, styles and users. And, in these last few months of our app being up and running, we’ve come across some screenshot worthy styles that we just had to share with you!

So, we took to the WRUW Feed and rounded up a few of our favorite outfits that not only are inspiring us for the weekend, but we hope feed your fashion fix. Better take a look and if you haven’t already download the WhatRUWearing App, you just may be featured next!