13 Ways “Lizzie McGuire” Would Be Different in 2016

Justin Bieber would have been the Christmas pop star, not Aaron Carter. Obviously.

1. Lizzie, Miranda, and Gordo wouldn’t three-way on the phone. They’d have a group chat, obviously.

2. Justin Bieber would have been in town filming a Christmas video. Aaron Carter may have been every girl’s heartthrob back in 2000, but it’s 2016 now. When it comes to heart-throbbing and Christmas music, Justin Bieber has both on lock.

3. Gordo would be obsessed with Pokemon Go. Remember that time Gordo became obsessed with that Dungeons & Dragons-like board game after Lizzie’s grandma gave it to her? Well, obviously, Gordo would be absolutely obsessed with Pokemon Go. Actually, he would have been top Pokemaster at the school without a doubt.

4. Nasty rumors would spread through Facebook and Twitter, not the through AIM.Kate might have been a mean girl, but not cool Lizzie and Miranda.

5. Lizzie would have been begging for a crop top and skater skirt, not a pair of hip huggers to win her best dressed on yearbook voting day. Hip huggers are so early 2000s.

6. Gordo would have had a hit YouTube channel. Following the lives of all his Hillridge Junior High classmates, obviously.


7. Lizzie’s first kiss would have been with Ronnie, the bag boy at her local grocery store. Or maybe Ronnie, the guy at Dunkin’ Donuts. Or Ronnie, the life guard at the local swimming pool. Really any job but a paper boy. Are there even paper boys anymore in 2016?

8. Lizzie would just stalk Ethan’s social media page to figure out what sort of girl he likes. I would never promote changing yourself to gain the affections of a guy, but we’ve all been there. That’s why Lizzie was so relatable. Remember when she and Gordo went under cover together to figure out exactly what kind of girl Ethan was looking for so Lizzie could transform into said girl in time for the Sadie Hawkin’s dance? Well, that whole adventure would have been as simple as pulling up his Instagram, Facebook profile, and Twitter favorites in 2016.

9. Miranda would have ran a successful fashion and beauty account on Instagram.Her OOTDs would be as fire as her hairstyles.

10. Lizzie, Kate, and Tudgeman would have had cell phone video footage to prove they didn’t start the school food fight. It would have cleared their names, and poor, innocent Gustav’s, too.

11. And Principal Tweedy would totally be Mr. Moseby. As much as Lizzie McGuire will forever be the show by which Disney Channel is remembered, Phill Lewis’ standout Disney Channel role will always be the moody Tipton Hotel manager on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Mr. Moseby.

12. The picture of Lizzie kissing Gordo’s cheek would have been plastered on every social media site there is. Instagram, Twitter, AND Facebook. Everyone would have known instantly there was something going on between Lizzie and Gordo. Not to mention it would have gotten ALL the likes.

13. The Twitterverse would have exposed Paolo way before Lizzie got the chance to. One of the Twitterverse’s number one gifts is the ability to spot a lip syncer from a million miles away in cyber space. They would have blasted Paolo for not singing live during concerts after watching only a few videos from his concerts on YouTube. But I’m def glad The Lizzie McGuire Movie wasn’t made in 2016, because that final scene where Paolo’s real voice was revealed was EVERYTHING. And we wouldn’t have gotten this gem of a final scene:

Written by: Noelle Devoe for Seventeen Magazine