After Looking At These Jeans You Will Wonder WTF Is Going On With The World

We thought the whole weird AF and expensive jean craze was over, but then this insane thing happened.

Fashion label Carmar created denim pants that are basically a zipper, pockets and a waistband – yeah, that’s it.  Hey, no jokes aside we personanlly think this one might be for Kim Kardashian. Oh yeah, did we mention they are actually thong jeans, as well? If you saw this on IG already, you probably had a serious WTF moment like us.

The description on the website states the bottoms are, “high rise pant with large statement cutouts on front and back.” and that they have a “relax fit.” Real talk, noone is going to be having a relax chill filt in these if you know what we mean!

The jeans are def going to let you catch a breeze and leaves zero to the imagination. But that’s not even the craziest part yet. What’s the cost of basically wearing nothing? A small amount of $168 – seriously, HOW!?

We’re just going to leave you with that –  ….