12 Quick Thoughts Every Fashionista Thought While Watching The Grammy’s

If you weren’t watching the Grammy’s last night, we’re going to assume you had something else super amazing going on in your life. For those who did, you saw that there were loads of WTF moments – including fashion. Here’s 12 thoughts every fashionista had while watching 2017’s Grammy’s.

Where did Halsey leave her shirt?

I don’t even trust my boyfriend as much as Halsey trust her sticky tape.

Katy Perry’s outfit looks exactly like my makeup brush!

Is that a loofah on J.lo’s neck?

O.M.G. Beyonce is perfect, even pregnant with twins.

Lady Gaga isn’t as shocking as I thought she’d be tonight

What the heck is CeeLo green supposed to even be?

Carrie Underwood can do no wrong.

What happens if one of those pins break on Laverne Cox?

Beyonce is literally Queen B tonight.

Blue Ivy just won best dressed for the night in my book

Bruno Mars is the only person in the world who could pull off Prince’s purple style.