20 Killer Instagram Captions For 2018, So You Don’t Have To Think

New Year new you, right? What better way to start off with a new you than get your Instagram more aesthetic and interesting.

While taking the photo and editing might be the toughest part – some days thinking of the right caption can give us serious anxiety. Luckily, we rounded up some of the best captions for almost every occasion on your Insta – so you can worry about your photo and less about the text. Check them out below.

Photos in a dress:
New dress – who dis?

Photos with food:
The only stress in your life should be deciding where and when you’ll eat food.
If you don’t post food on Instagram, did you ever even eat it – actually, most likely yes.

Any photo;
it amazes me how much exercise and extra fries sound the same 
One day on Mercury lasts about 1408 hours… the same as one Monday on earth
Business, as usual.
Friend: there’s a life outside the internet ? Me: send me the link

A vibe these bitches sin for.
Boss up, that’s all I know.
Oh the weather outside is weather.
“Okay, stop it, we get it” – all of you
Servin’ looks ?
Ways to say “i won’t be coming”: 1. i might pop down 2. i’ll give you a text 3. i’ll see how i feel 4. sounds interesting ???
You never know how strong you are… until you survive in heels in the middle of winter
People are like “where do you see yourself in 10 years time..” i’m like, “i’m still trying to figure out the theme of my instagram account”
Ice ice baby ❄️
Mood: i need 3 coffees and like six million dollars
Find someone who makes you feel like your phone was at 3% and you just found a plug ??
Question: is there an app that overthinks everything for you?