Important Lessons 20-Something’s Can Learn From SATC’S Samantha Jones

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If you ask a young, stylish woman what her favorite shows are, it is a guarantee that Sex and the City falls somewhere on the list. It’s no surprise, Sex and the City will always be a relevant coming-of-age show for women. Although the characters were in their 30’s and 40’s in the series, the representation of single women with great careers, interesting lives and friendships is something younger girls can or aspire to relate to. Throughout the series and films, the glamorous ladies gave us iconic looks, as well as good advice about relationships, love, life and womanhood through trial and error. With age, you may find yourself valuing their girl talk more and more, and they may serve as the inspiration for your real life  #squadgoals.

All of the women were unique and relatable in some way. We all have our favorite or one we relate to the most. When it comes to being a no-nonsense, career driven girl boss, Samantha was it. Samantha Jones was a very bold and powerful character. Aside from her rendezvous, she exuded confidence and an optimism for life. She was passionate, loyal and everything a young working girl should aspire to be. Here are a few things we learned from her:

1. Kill it in your career

Samantha was a fierce business woman. She was smart and let nothing stand in her way of being the best at what she does. It is inspiring to see a woman be a business owner, and a powerful force in any male dominated field.

2. Be independent 

Although she often got caught up in love like her friends, she was a firm believer that you should never settle for anything less than extraordinary when it comes to Mr. Right — but you should be practical and live your own life to the fullest in the meantime!

3. Be you and don’t worry about what people think

Samantha was often criticized  for her lifestyle choices. It takes a great deal of confidence to face judgement and remain positive within yourself. Confidence is key to being successful!

4. Toot your own horn

Samantha was her own biggest fan. And if you don’t believe you are fabulous, who will?

5. Self love is the best love     

Relationships with men were secondary to the one she had with herself. There is absolutely nothing wrong with putting you first. Your sanity is a priority and your future self will thank you.

6. Be the friend you wish to have

No matter what her friends went through, she was always there to give sound and non-judgmental advice or opinions with a side of humor (and an occasional dirty joke!)

7. You can be strong and vulnerable

Samantha was a very self-assured, but she was also human with a heart of gold. Women are allowed to be complex; you can make mistakes, embrace who you are, be confident as well as transparent.

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