6 Reasons Why The Year Of 2018 Was “The 90’s”

It may be 2018, but it also totally wasn’t. No, we aren’t high or on Xanax when we wrote this. We’re serious. How can that be, you ask? Because the 90’s totally shined through 2018. We’re not even sure if that makes sense. If you think about it, does that mean the 90’s are back and 2018 is one of the same? Or does it mean we just couldn’t stop talking about the 90’s this year? Something to totally ponder. Any ways, if we haven’t lost you yet, here are 10 reasons why the year of 2018 was “the 90’s.”

It was the year of the boss babe.

The 90’s were totally the year of the boss babe and her creation. It was the decade that skirts and dresses became bada** and the year that created our sassy and amazing attitude.

It was the year of neon.

Neon is back and better than ever, we must say. The 90’s created the look and we are so happy it’s back. Now, we can get it in everything from sexy cocktail dresses to turtleneck sweaters.

It was the year of tracksuits.

We’ll be the first to admit. Return of the tracksuits was def our fav. In fact, designers like Danielle Cathari brought the trend into their designs. The style is only getting more popular and being created into a whole new way like one piece jumpsuits. Swoosh, swoosh.

Scrunchies came back around.

Celebs like Hailey Baldwin brought back the 90’s hair piece, and TBH, we hope it never goes away. It keeps our locks dent free and is a whole lot more fun than a normal hair tie.

Cargo pants became cool again.

We use to make fun of cargo pants, but um, now we are wearing them … and actually really like them.

Logos needed to be showed off again

Every purse and piece of clothing that has a fashion designer logo across it is now a must-have. For example, the Dior Saddlebag can be sold for a hella lot right now.