What To Wear: Black Friday

pre black friday sales

It’s here and it’s happening: Black Friday. Every shoppers favorite unofficial November “holiday.” You know the feeling when your alarm sounds at 3am and you mentally calculate the miniscule amount of sleep you got. Nevertheless, it’s time to roll out of bed, chug a coffee or two, get out there, and be the fearless shopper you were born to be! Whether you’re snagging deals for yourself or for friends and family, your outfit can make or break your Black Friday experience. You want to look stylish but comfort is most definitely key. To help you get through November 27, we’ve pulled together four outfits for every type of shopping experience you may encounter. 

Shopping for everyone’s holiday gifts:

You can never wear too much black, especially on early mornings. I mean how easy is it to throw on a black v-neck tee with a pair of black ripped skinny jeans? It’s a staple outfit! You’ll probably be standing in lines for hours so converse are the perfect shoe choice. A blue denim button-down adds an extra dimension to the outfit and an extra layer in case it’s chilly. 

Shop the look: Denim Button Down

When cruising the outlets with your best friends:

Oversized sweaters will be your best friend when you’re on the road before the sun has even risen. This comfy long-sleeve, sweater, and leggings combination will keep you cozy, while the leg warmers and riding boots dress up the outfit a little bit. I also love the idea of a big bag. You never know what you’re going to end up lugging around with you after a hectic day of shopping.

Shop the look: Riding boots  Poncho sweater

In line outside of Target: 

Layers are so important while you’re sprinting from store to store, and puffer vests are so in. Throw on a simple sweater, jeans, and patterned scarf, and then add the vest to take a simple outfit to a new level with a preppy vibe.

Shop the look: Puffer vest, Plaid scarf

When browsing at the mall:

Last but certainly not least, is another take on the oversized sweater. I love the balance between masculine and feminine in this outfit. The chunky knit layered over another shirt adds extra texture, but the oversized sweater paired with skinny jeans makes sure the outfit is still feminine and figure-flattering. The loafers, masculine watch, and chunky plaid skirt also add to the delicate balance of this outfit.

Shop the look: Loafers. Watch. Sweater

Written by: Becca Rose