3 Steps to a Perfectly Stylish Last-Minute GaLentine’s Day

Remember back in grade school when you received a cutesy little Valentine from every classmate? Those were the days. Now the infamous day of love hits every year with a laundry list of pressures. What do you get that special someone? Is it too late to make dinner reservations? How long can you actually keep that bouquet alive? Why am I a slave to this commercial holiday? Idea! Do something different this year. Whether you’re single or not, there are 364 other days of the year to devote to romantic relationships. Why not make this Valentine’s Day, which falls perfectly on a Sunday, a girls day in? Chatting, relaxing, eating…Honestly, does it get any better than that?

Enter Galentine’s Day. Here’s how:

Step 1: Set the mood. Just because it’s a day for you and your friends doesn’t mean you can’t create a fun, “romantic” atmosphere. Start by cleaning; (yes-ughh) – but nobody wants to have to worry about daunting chores while trying to have a good time, and of course you want to invite your guests into a tidy space. Put up some simple, chic decorations. Try flirty and girly rather than mushy, such as the ideas above. Don’t rule out the minimalist power of paper, washi tape, and white Christmas lights, either! Light some pretty-smelling candles and pull out all of your coziest pillows and blankets for snuggling in later.

Step 2: Prepare the main attraction: the food, of course! Sundays are synonymous with brunch, so what better than a waffle bar and a mimosa bar? The possibilities are practically endless. For mimosas, set out a variety of fruit juices, cut-up fresh fruit, champagne flutes and cute straws, and most importantly, the bubbly. Make the waffle bar as fun as possible; include lots of toppings and maybe even a variety of waffle flavors. To make it easier, you could use frozen waffles, but nothing beats homemade. Try these cake mix waffles and find some topping inspiration hereMake sure you provide snacks for throughout the day too! You can’t go wrong with dishes of candy and chocolate. And you’re sure to impress your guests if you provide pizza later on.

Step 3: Netflix and chill. Stay in your comfy clothes. Spend the day watching cheesy rom-coms, stupid-funny horror films, or binge-watching a show that none of you have seen before. You can also pop in your childhood favorites (Lizzie McGuire movie, anyone?) and share your most awkward relationship stories. 

By: Jayci Steingass