3 Super Cute Ways to Style Box Braids

Over the last few years, we’ve seen the resurface of the iconic ’90s braid hairstyle popularized by Brandy and Janet Jackson become more trendy than ever. Now with modern ways to style them using finishes like metallic thread, beads,  and bright colors, this low maintenance style still provides glamour.

Box braids are the go-to style for black girls with natural hair like myself who may want versatility, to refrain from heat or simply to switch it up. Braids couldn’t be any more perfect to get in the summer because they’re super convenient for when you’re on the go. The best part about having them was that it shortened my morning routine!  They also last for a few months with proper touch-up treatments, which is another plus.

While having my braids for about two months, I was running low on ideas for ways to style them and keep it interesting. I teamed up with Marisa Peal, of OrganixLocs, a Philly-based natural hair stylist, and photographer Chauncia V for a fun summer hair shoot.

Sometimes styling my own hair could be a struggle, and Marisa effortlessly gave me a few cute and easy styles to recreate. Just because you have a protective style like box braids, it doesn’t mean it has to be boring!

This look adds volume and is a good twist to the regular ponytail. It also helps the braids feel less heavy than they would in a single ponytail.



This side braided bun made me feel like a unicorn. The fishtail braid with the metallic thread gave it something a little extra and I loved it!