3 Unique Ways to Dress Up Your Plain White Tee

If it hasn’t already, a white t-shirt is bound to find its way into every girl’s closet, whether it belongs to her significant other, an old flame or she picked up during a shopping binge. We don’t often think much of that plain white tee that you haven’t had to replace for years, but its time to give that t-shirt a second shot. If you’re only pairing your plain tee with your leggings and gym attire you need to reconsider and put that shirt to use! Whether you know it or not, that plain white tee is about to become your new fashion staple.

# 1 Layering

I incorporated unusual layering pieces together in order to get this look. By selecting pieces you wouldn’t typically layer together, you can add a slight edge to your look. For this layering masterpiece, I paired my plain white T with a lace bralette, a suede skort and a flannel to keep warm. My thigh high socks and boots let me keep the casual feel while remaining comfortable. This outfit makes it look like you spent a lot of time putting an outfit together when all you’re really doing is layering. This color scheme and grunge vibe is perfect for the fall weather, but if this style isn’t for your, try switching up the color scheme. Pair a skort/skirt with a feminine silhouette, with the same tee and a killer pair of boots but instead, throw over a cream cardigan. This will provide a more delicate, girly touch.

 #2 Business Casual

This is the best way to get good use out of a t-shirt! So many of us let leggings, work out and dresses down clothes accompany our plain white tee, but don’t realize how well it meshes with other staples. I paired my plain T with a colorful blazer, dark jeans, black boots and a nice simple necklace. This outfit is PERFECT for casual Fridays at work. The V shaped necklace accompanies the neckline perfectly. Not only does this look classy and put together but it’s incredibly comfortable.

#3 Weekend/Class Wear 

This is the way I wear my tee the most often! I get super lazy during the school week, so plain t-shirts and a cute bralette are my favorite way to look like I have my sh*t together, even if I don’t! If you haven’t noticed already, I’m obsessed with bralettes as they add a nice touch to add to any outfit. Otherwise, plain v-necks are perfect for accentuating details with more simple pieces. For this outfit, I added a gray caged bralette under my v-neck and threw over a matching grey cardigan on top for some warmth and comfort. The ripped jeans and chunky booties add some edge to a more simple outfit.

Written by: Grace Ochoa