4 Reasons Why We Think Kim Kardashian Was Totally Inspired By Khaleesi At NYFW

Kim Kardashian is an ice queen, thanks to her new hair color – and the world can’t shut up about it.

The reality star and beauty pro shocked everyone at NYFW by showing up with bleached blonde locks, completely opposite of her stunning dark hair. While we know Kim K is all about surprising the public, we couldn’t help to think the latest episode of Game of Thrones’ Khaleesi totes inspired her NYFW getup and look. Here’s why –

1.Princess Daenerys Targaryen is one of the most stylish and independent characters in GOT, so it only makes sense that Kim would want to be her spirit animal.

2. Her black latex getup could definately have been inspired by Khaleesi’s famous attire in the season 7 opener. In an interview with Racked, the show’s costume designer Michele Clapton says that just as Queen Cersei Lannister resembles her dead father, “Dany begins to resemble her dead brother; note the neckline and extended shoulders.” The slight touches of red “creep in” throughout her outfit (“read into that what you will,” the designer tells Racked) and the head of the army’s dark suit with thigh high slits and leather embellished cape gives a slight nod to the uniform of the Unsullied soldiers. Instead of a crown, she dons “the chain of command,” with a dragons’ heads on it. “It’s a precursor to the crown,” Clapton says. “It’s a very symbolic piece of jewelry. It’s a definite statement of intent.”


3. She wore a chainmail dress to the Bazaar after party, which is often seen on knights and on GOT. Do we need to say more!?

4. Kahleesi’s makeup is always flawless, and usually contains a peach or nude lip with a smoky eye. For the after party, Kim went much more natural than usual and using beauty from a peach palette – just like someone else we know …