4 Types Of Shoes That Are Perfect For Festival Season

Festival season has arrived, and we’re already planning all our outfits.

While we figure out what top, shorts and dresses to wear, one of the most important pieces is what you’re most likely throwing on last – your shoes. Sure you need to look dope AF, but your shoes are what need to keep you alive and pain free for the entire day. Here are some of our go-to’s so you can be on your feet and ready both figuratively and literally.

Platform Combat Boot: Any combat bootie is always great for a music festival, but a platform can make it that much better. It gives your legs length and allows you easily get through mud or mushy fields thanks to it being an inch or so off the ground.

Chunky sneakers: Ditch your basic b*tch ADIDAS or Nikes, and bring your outfit up a notch by choosing a chunky sneaker. They’re the perfect combination of comfy and practical. The shoe is hotter than ever right now, meaning there’s a pair out there for every style personality.

Knee-high lace up combat boots: There’s something always sexy about some knee-high shoes, but we’re limited when it comes to festivals. Luckily, all the designers heard our cries and created knee-high combat boots. Whether shorts, skirts or dresses, the boots will keep you looking good and give you the support your feet needs.

Western bootie: If you saw any fashion during Coachella, you probably noticed that cowboy and western booties were all the rage. The shoes are sturdy enough to survive any weather and festival grossness – and can make any outfit that much cuter.