We Got Your Back: 5 Backpacks For Every Occasion

The 90s trend is hotter than ever in the fashion world, and luckily, so is something that’ll always have your back. We’re talking about the epic return of the backpack.

Sure, backpacks have always been around, but now they’re acceptable on everyone, and not just elementary kids. They come in all styles and textures with some serious details, meaning you’ll look chic wearing one wherever you are.

We took the weight off your back and rounded up the best satchels for several different occasions. Whether you want one or all five, (seriously, who can really just have one?), you’ll be feeling like Clueless’ Cher, and just as stylish, too.

For Work

Carrying multiple bags can be annoying on your commute. Find a backpack that’s sturdy enough to hold some heavy duty work arsenal, that keeps you looking sexy. We love this one from SheIn because it has loads of pockets and fits our laptops, notebooks, chargers and more – without the bulk feeling. Even better – it only costs $20!

For School

Walking across campus can be a long haul – but don’t pull out that Jansport! This brown bag looks thin, yet can fit all your books. It’s better than any purse because it keeps your hands free, meaning you can sip on that coffee while walking to your exam.

For Date Night

Being a girl on the go doesn’t mean you need to wear a large uncomfortable tote. Pick a mini backpack style so you can throw in anything you may need to go from day to night. Whether you want it studded or simple, velvet or leather – your possiblities are endless.

For Travel

Say goodbye to boring satchels and make a major statement. You’ll need a travel companion, and this adorable pack is the perfect buddy.

For A Music Festival

The number one rule at any festival? Be comfortable – and hands free.  This watermelon bag is perfect for keeping your festival essentials close by and maintains the fun vibes. Just don’t get mad at us when everyone is constantly stopping you asking where you go it!