5 Blunt Reasons Why You’re Getting Ghosted

Ever why you’re getting ghosted? You’re not the first person, and you certainly won’t be the last. “Ghosting” is the word used when someone basically goes MIA and fades instantly to black. In other words, you’d assume they fell off the earth if you didn’t know this was a thing in the modern dating world. Ew. So why are you getting ghosted?

1. “I wanted to keep her as a future option.” Derek, 28 says that by ghosting, you’re not officially ending the relationship, which allows you to keep her as a future option in case you change your mind down the road or in case it doesn’t work out with the girl you ghosted her for.

2. “Because I’m immature.” Well, at least he’s honest. Justin, 27 said the reason he used ghosting as an exit strategy in his past is because he was immature, and a boy – not yet a man. This makes perfect sense: one’s likelihood to ghost is directly related to their maturity level.

3. “To avoid confrontation.” Dave, 29 admitted to me that he finds the break up conversation very uncomfortable, and that he would ghost to avoid that conversation even knowing how selfish he was being.

4. “I thought only official couples had to officially break up.” Zach, 25 states that he thought a break up was only necessary if you’re in a genuine, exclusive and official relationship.

5. “I figured I was saving her feelings from getting hurt.” Brad, 29 says that he thought it would hurt more for a woman to hear that he’s just not interested anymore, and that he was saving her feelings by ghosting instead.

Why you’re getting ghosted? Because people totally suck. There is nothing okay with not giving someone a straight up answer. We are adults, and if they can’t handle the truth, THEN you can go on an ignore them. But honesty is the best policy as cheesy as it sounds. Sure, if you don’t like something specific about them you don’t need to go into details. But at least throw a, “Hey, I’m not seeing this going anywhere, sorry!” It’s that simple – hell, copy and paste that if you need to. If you can’t be honest with a person you don’t want to continue seeing, you probably shouldn’t be in a relationship period. But let’s grow the f up and stop this ghosting.

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