5 Celebrities To Copy The Scrunchie Trend From

As the song goes, “but I’m a 90’s b*tch. I don’t care, I love it.” 

And we’re totally loving the way celebrities have been popping up all over with an iconic 90s hair piece – the scrunchie.  Bash it as much as you want like Carrie Bradshaw, but the scrunchie has a lot of benefits. It leaves dents out of your locks, and doesn’t get tangled up and damaging.

The scrunchie is the perfect and fun accessory tto add that extra to any look. Whether it’s your work #ootd or a night out, Balenciaga and Mansur Gavriel have confirmed that this look is cool and not cheesy. Don’t believe us yet? Check out five celebrities who totally pulled off the look.

Hailey Baldwin: Damn, can this girl do no wrong?! She even knows how to make a scrunchie look good. Hailey paired the piece with another iconic 90s style – a pinstriped power suit, making the ultimate bo$$ lady look and ode to the era. Pairing a scrunchie with a more serious style can balance out any look, as seen here on Hailey.

Jennifer Lopez: Jennifer Lopez can make any casual outfit look hot, hot, hot! She took a basic tee and jeans, and paired it with a bold and bright scrunchie to add that extra glam to her sleek bun. J. Lo has been spotted with scrunchies for awhile now, confirming she’s a fan of the trend.

Selena Gomez: Who says a scrunchie can’t be sophisticated? The only thing better than a little black dress is a little black scrunchie. Selena took her hair to the next level by wrapping a thick scrunchie around the top of her ponytail, making it extra AF – yet completely classy. Take cues from Selena if you’re looking for a tone down version of the trend.

Bella Hadid: Sometimes you just need something sweet and simple. Go for a street style look and get a smaller version of the scrunchie and you’ll look perfect for some IG photos. Bella paired a pretty white scrunchie with a sports bra, making her outfit a mix of sexy and innocence.

SZA: The queen of hair has spoken! All hail the scrunchie. SZA paired cozy with the hair tie, and gave us total Kelly Kupowski vibes that we can’t stop obsessing over. Whether you put it half up like SZA or all the way up in a high pony, you’ll look like a 90s day dream.