5 Do’s & Don’ts Of Instagram Poses When Showing Off Your #OOTD

It’s not just your fashion that has to look good, it’s your presentation, too.

Your pose is just as important as what you are wearing and good lighting when it comes to the popular social media app – and confidence is KEY when getting the perfect vogue. We’ve been stalking enough fashion influencers and celebs to know what works – and what doesn’t. We created a guide to let you know the best of the best, and what to avoid. Check it out below.

DO: Look Over The Shoulder

This stature is timeless, and always looks like you’re photo-ready, but never trying to hard. It’s perfect for showing off a detailed or low back, and easily brings the double clicks.

DON’T: Hide your neck

Don’t put your neck too low, or you’ll have a floating head. Show off your profile – including your neck!

DO: I think there is something on the ground

No shame in this! Acting as though there is something on the ground will give you a natural step and add length with your leg popped.

DON’T: Make it too extra

If natural is what you are going for – keep it natural. Looking at the ground and posing is already pretty unnatrual – so don’t make it extra unless that is the kind of thing you are going for.

DO: I’m so busy I’m posting from my car

Raising the phone over you in the car is the perfect way to showcase your look. It adds a sense of mystery and shows you are a #bossgirl on the go.

DON’T: Make it all about the car

Luxury cars are amazing, but unless you want to showcase the car in the post – no one needs to know. Keep it about what you are wearing, and less about what you’re driving.

DO: The post-hair flip

We can’t always catch some wind in our hair – but we can get the aftermath of a hair flip, which is sexy, tasteful and fun.

DON’T: Overdo it

You want to look like you just pushed your hair off you or were adjusting, not like you’re head bobbing at a rock concert!

DO: I’m relaxing, but I look good.

Waiting for an Uber has its perks – like getting a good photo. Whether you’re sitting on a curb, relaxing on a balcony chair, or sitting on some steps outside your BFF’s apartment – you’re guaranteed to get a good shot.

DON’T: Make it look like work

This is supposed to be a carefree chill look – so unless you’re Giselle (who can TOTALLY get away with this), don’t be over dramatic or put in too much work.