5 Fashion Secrets Our Fashion Editor In Chief Swear By

Everyone has their beauty secrets – but what about fashion? We caught up with our editor-in-chief and got the 411 on all her shopping secrets. Check them out.

I always go to the men’s or boys section first

It’s true! If I walk into a store like Zara, Forever 21, or Urban Outfitters, I always check out the boy section. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m tall, but men’s clothes sometimes fit me way better! I love oversized hoodies with loafers, a blazer, or a bomber jacket. Plus, it’s most likely that you’ll never run into someone with the same thing, since you got it from the men’s section!

When it’s not an investment piece, I’ll look at Poshmark

I love buying and selling on Poshmark! It’s so simple and perfect when you’re looking for something you don’t want to spend a lot of money on (plus, all you have to do is type in exactly what you’re looking for). I love using it for events like Lollapooloza or theme parties. My favorite thing I have bought include a pair of black overalls for $9, and a faux fur coat for $15.

When I’m not feeling creative, I use Instagram to inspire my #ootd 

I love putting things together in an outfit that you’d never guess would look good. But some days, I feel like my creativity is at a 0 – that’s when I turn to Instagram. There are so many influencers out there. I have about 3 girls I follow who have the exact same sense of style as me, and I’ll often look for inspiration from them. These ladies don’t even know how thankful I am for them!

I stopped buying cheap jeans

There’s nothing wrong with balling on a budget – but once I tried on a pair of high quality jeans, I instantly saw the difference. Not only did the fabric feel amazing, but they looked 10x better on my body than a less expensive pair. My butt was lifted, the seams were straight, and they just looked richer. I used to think people were crazy for spending so much on jeans, but now I get they really are an investment piece.

I stopped hoarding

Living in a city apartment doesn’t give me much room. I started recycling my clothes and designing things myself. My most recent art was cutting the bottoms of old jeans off and adding them to a jean jacket to make a bell sleeve jean jacket. I’d love to do a girls wine night in and bring all my friends together with things they don’t want, and see what kind of cool fashion we can design. I also finally started throwing things out if I hadn’t worn it in a year – seriously, if you aren’t wearing it donate it, say goodbye! There’s nothing better than that feeling you get after cleaning out your closet.

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