5 Female Pop Stars You Totally Forgot About Who Killed It In The 90’s

The 90’s made a solid comeback in the fashion world, and it doesn’t appear to be leaving any time soon. We can’t get enough of oversized jean jackets, checkered blazers and power suits – but we let’s not forget about the ladies who ran the world back then, and  before Beyonce slayed.

WRUW is ready to honor the real queens of the 90’s and throwback to some of our favorite pop babes who may have been forgotten, but were anything short of impactful. Check them out below.

Samantha Mumba

Okay, this woman was the Rihanna before there was a Rihanna. Between her bad ass empowerment songs and her daring style. She had it going on and totally ruled the world.

3LW’s Kiely

This lady and her crew talk us what a fuck boy was before the word fuck boy existed. They taught us what a real man was and what to stay the f away from. Plus, who can forget their amazing threesome style when they’d all coordinate in things like denim or pleather. “What’s my name?”
“Kiely, Kiely!”
We salut you, Kiely.

The Girls of Dream

He loves me, he loves you not had to be an anthem for all those who were betrayed by our 10-year-old boyfriends. If don’t remember them, take a seat because P. Diddy was even willing to be featured in their song. They always had the best mathing outfits and total 90s dance moves that killed it in every video. Rumors have even been spinning about a reunion – uh, yes please.

Natina Reed

Not only was in the girl band Blaque, but she played a huge role in the movie Bring It On and was a major protege of TLC’s Left Eye Lisa Lopez. She brought forth sass, boss babe vibes and of course,  risk.  Sadly she was killed in a car accident in 2012.

The Ladies Of Cleopatra

If you don’t remember who these queens were – think Disney channel. The blew up and were all over their concert series, teaching us how to make all the 90s fashion cool. The album was written by singer-songwriter Cleo who is also the lead singer of Cleopatra, making her top of the line. Plus, their first major hit ‘Comin’ Atcha,’ had absolutely nothing to do with boys. Uh, girl power!