5 Lit Ways To Show Off Your Bralette This Summer

While it’s best to leave a little to the imagination, sometimes when it comes to fashion, less really is more. Today there are so many gorgeous bralettes out there, why not find a suble yet sexy way to show it off?

From dainty lace and bold colors, to cut-outs and magical criss- crosses, bralettes are the comfiest and most stylish undergarment of the summer. We rounded up five flawless ways to tastefully wear the bra this season and make it the focal point of your #ootd. Check them out below.
White it out
White tops create the perfect amount of mystery when it comes to a bralette. While we normally have to opt for a nude hue underneath our white tees, when it comes to a bralette underneath, the bolder, the better. Wear a color like black or red that will pop up just enough to keep them wondering.


Clear things up
Find a sheer top, and dress it with a gorgeous bralette underneath. Whether it’s a mesh bodysuit, an off the shoulder lace top, or a super thin tee, you’ll look stylishly playful without crossing the line.



Meet in the middle
Wear high wasited pants or shorts and find a bralette that has more coverage than a triangle style. Show off your six pack and throw a jacket on top, and you’ve got the perfect exposure of skin, making for a romantic yet seductive outfit.


Get overall of it
Be trendy AF and glamorous at the same time by placing a bralette underneath a pair of overalls. It’s the perfect lazy-girl go to when you’re slightly too hungover to put an outfit together.


Go out of the lines
You never want your bra straps to show – except when it comes to a fancy bralette. Choose a top or tank that is going to let the straps hang out and create a fashionable illusion.