5 Photo Editing Apps That Will Ensure Your Photos Stay on Fleek

In 2016, Instagram can officially be classified as an art form. Between selecting the right angles in which to take selfies, catching the right light when taking still shots and of course, the glorious vacation photos that look like they’re straight out of a travel magazine, capturing the perfect photo takes time. Thanks to filters, and more specifically, photo editing apps, it’s very possible to make the simplest things on Instagram look breathtakingly beautiful. With a few simple taps, you can take your selfies from “cute” to Kardashian/Jenner levels. These photo editing apps also allow for gorgeous, FOMO photos that easily compete with the likes of top bloggers and editors. Who knew we’d get to a point in time where perfectly curated pictures from brunch would make you feel as though you just had to be there? Although a “good eye” may be hard to come by, the perfect lighting, composition and framing is a possibility with these photo editing apps that take your shots from good to great.

1 Perfect 365

2 Facetune

3 VSCOcam 

4 Afterlight

5 Faded