6 Pieces Of Career Advice I Wish I Could Tell My 22-Year-Old Self Post Graduation

It’s the day – graduation. And where do you go from here? Whether you already have a job lined up, are stuck at a job you’re not passionate about or are completely unemployed and searching – it can be scary as it is exciting.

Adulting has never been more real than this moment (at least at this point in your life). It’s a time and feeling (no matter what that feeling is) you’ll never forget. Here are some things I wish I could tell my 22-year-old self

Don’t Compare Yourself To Your Friends

It’s a weird time – you’ll see your friends move – and I don’t only mean by location. You’ll see them move ahead on their career path, and you’ll see some even change their mind or fall behind. Don’t ever compare your career path with your friends. This is with everything in life – love, money, etc – you are you and that is what’s so great. Just because your friend doesn’t have a job lined up doesn’t mean you should think any less of them. If your friend received double the salary than you, it doesn’t mean you should be upset. Set your own path and be proud no matter where you are.

Don’t Stop Networking

You may have your dream job – but don’t stop networking. Meeting new people has nothing to do with changing your job, but enhancing it. And if you don’t have a job, it can greatly benefit you. As much hatred there is in the world, there are also a lot of people, even complete strangers who want to help. Be open to sharing your story and dream – you never know who you’ll meet.

You’ll Get Frustrated – It’s Okay

Working part time or as an intern can be completely different than a full time position. You will make mistakes, work with people you hate, get burned and you’re going to have some rough days. No matter what, keep cool at the office and let out your frustrations after the work day is done. Work out, hang with friends, vent to your bff. Deal with your frustrations and don’t let them eat you alive – it’s part of life.

Your Mistake Probably Wasn’t As Big As You Thought It Was

I bet there are some people out there who haven’t made a mistake at their job – but most likely, almost everyone has. When you make that first mistake, you will feel like sh*t. You will have panic attacks, anxiety and freak out for a little bit. You’ll probably ask coworkers what they think will happen, and they’ll probably tell you to chill the f out. Learn from your mistakes – really learn from them. Don’t repeat it and take constructive criticism. Remember, you are helping these people succeed they are on your team. Have a glass of wine, get it together, and remember one mistake won’t ruin your career – you will only learn from it.

You Are Just Getting Started

You have so much amazing things coming your way and truthfully, when one door closes another one opens. With drive and passion you can do anything. You will go with your gut when it comes to switching jobs, and your gut will prove you right – listen to it. Don’t think so far ahead about your future – this is a time it’s okay to think about now. As you go, you can start thinking about the future. You are just getting started, and you have so much going for you.

Work Hard And Things Will Come To You

Don’t get greedy. Appreciate your work. If you continue to do your best and stay out of negativity, I can promise amazing things will happen (trust me, I’m here, I know they do!). Continue to stay positive because today that is rare! When you love yourself, love your work, and know your worth, things just fall into place – they really do!