5 Rain Boots Under $100 That Look Nothing Like Rain Boots

The weather has been completely out of whack lately, so who knows what kind of perpetual weird downpours we’re going to get this spring. Whether you’re walking on campus or in the city, there comes a point where you get tired of wet socks and ruined cute shoes and realize you actually need to invest in some rain boots.

But who wants to spend money on something that is rarely worn? Not to mention the plastic-like look and awkward knee-height totally kill our outfit. Additionally, they’re heavy AF, making it feel like you’re punishing yourself as opposed to helping. Luckily, designers took a hint and began making boots that are as cute as they are practical and functional.

We rounded up five pair of rain boots, that look just like your every day favorite pair of booties. And because we know your internship is only paying in “experience,” we made sure to keep the price tag as low as possible. Check them out below.


Sometimes, you just have to keep it simple. No one will even know these are rain boots, and they’ll go with almost any outfit. So while the weather may be gloomy, your look won’t.  SAM EDELMAN Tinsley Rubber Ankle Boots, $55

Rain boots don’t have to be bulky or boring. These little booties are perfect for making a statement while withstanding any nasty NYC puddle you come in contact with. Nicole Miller Rain Boots, $24.99

Don’t let ugly boots rain on your fashion parade.These designer booties take things to new heights and at a price of only $55, how could you say no? Jeffrey Campbell Hydro Chelsea Platform Rain Boot, $54.95

Protect your skinny jeans with this famous T. They have the perfect sized heel, meaning they can easily go from day to night. TORY BURCH April Black Rubber Rain Bootie, $97.50

These are so chic and adorable, you might choose to wear them even when the sun is out. Jeffrey Campbell Stormy Rain Boot, $54.95