5 Random Things To Remember When Applying For Jobs

It’s about that time! Whether you’re just graduating or realizing you need to make a career move – we can all pretty much agree that applying to jobs is a job in itself and sucks.

The most important thing to remember is to take your time, and while you want to crank out as many applications as you can each day, tomorrow is another day – so stay calm and don’t stress out. We all know our brain can become mush and overrides when it comes to applying, so here are five important things to remember when sending over your resumes.

Always give a cover letter – even if they tell you it’s not required: Cover letters are annoying AF. It’s basically writing the same thing over and over, while changing a few things that shows how you’ll benefit the company and why you deserve the position. Sometimes, companies will give you the option to not include one. While they really might not care, it’s always better to include it just to be safe. Why? A cover letter is a summary of what you have achieved and why you deserve the position. Catch the person reviewing applications on a busy or off day, and they might go right to the cover letters to save their own time and stay out of the piles of paper (trust us, it’s just annoying for them as it is you.). Take your time and really express why you would be good at the position and why you stand out compared to other applicants – it will save you in the long run.

Know what a CV is: It’s a shortcut for the word curriculum vitae. WTF is that? Exactly. If you see this word the company wants to know it all from interests and awards to your work experiences and education (and possibly more). Basically – don’t let this word scare you. It’s just all the deets in the world they want to know.

Accept rejection, but don’t let it get you down: There are HUNDREDS on HUNDREDS applying for these jobs. Do not let rejection letters get the best of you – you never know the inside story and it all happens for a reason. Don’t get discouraged and keep putting good vibes out there and something great will come your way.

Be realistic about years of experience: If it says you need 10 years and you only have two, but your banking for the big salary – chill. While sometimes you can show just how amazing your skills are and that you deserve to have that spot – remember, this is all on paper and they do not know anything more. Look for something reasonable and realistic. If you are just starting the field, you aren’t going to get Creative Director right off the bat most likely (and if you do, you let us know what tips you have on how to go straight there!).

Have your references ready – and notify them that you’re applying: These days many places ask for at least three references. The fun part? Some of them go right to your references before even letting you know they’re considering you. Make sure to notify your BFF who you hyped up a little bit about being your manager that you put them down as a reference so they aren’t totally confused when getting a call. Seriously, let them know – before it’s too late!