Sexy Outfit Ideas That Aren’t Skintight

As we move closer to spring and summer, we finally get to shed those winter layers of jackets, coats, and even scarves (because Chicago weather is bipolar AF.) We couldn’t be more excited to  pick out new things for our wardrobe for things that scream summer, but also maintain some stylish and chic appeal.

Though we love a cute  body-con dresses, booty shorts and crop tops every once in a while, they aren’t the only options we have when it comes to making ourselves feel sexy!  There’s nothing like going out in something that makes you feel polished but cool, and not having to worry about a nip slip or constantly pulling your dress down.

Whether you want to mature your style or are just adding a little balance to your go-to look, you’ll love these outfit inspo, and will feel just as confident in these as you would in a painted on dress!