Snow Boots That Don’t Look Anything Like Snow Boots So You’ll Actually Want To Wear Them

Uh, did fall even happen?  If you’re like us and didn’t prepare for snow in November, you probably have yet to buy a pair of snow boots, meaning you’ve walked to class or in the city  while wearing some totally not weather-approved shoes. There comes a point when you accept that winter is here and realize it’s time you actually need to invest in some snow boots.

But who wants to spend money on snow boots? Not to mention the plastic-like look and awkward knee-height totally kill our outfit. Additionally, they’re heavy AF, making it feel like you’re punishing yourself as opposed to helping. Luckily, designers took a hint and began making boots that are as cute as they are practical and functional.


We rounded up five pair of  snow boots, that look just like as close to your every day favorite booties that we could find. And because we know your internship is only paying in “experience,” we made sure to keep the price tag as low as possible. Check them out below.

Trotters Snowflate Snow Boots, $89.99

Bos. & Co. Snow Boots, $100 – $180


Sorel 1964 Emilie Snow Boots, $173

Insulated Chelsea Boots, $179.95

Sorel Rain Boot, $16