5 Style Mistakes To Avoid When Meeting The Parents

It’s happening – it’s finally happening! Bae asked you to join their family for the holidays, and now it’s time to show them why you’re such a catch. Before you get a major panic attack and tear apart your wardrobe, take a look at these five style mistakes to avoid.

Mistake # 1: Wearing something that makes you uncomfortable Wear something you feel good in! Meeting the parents isn’t the best time to squeeze into last year’s skirt or try a style you wouldn’t normally wear. Don something that gives you an extra boost of confidence while flattering your figure, and we guarantee you’ll survive the day – just maybe not Aunt Jane’s dessert.

Mistake # 2: Not asking your partner While you should be yourself (after all, that is how you got here!), you should also dress for the occasion. Is it a fancy dinner party? Or does the family cozy up in casual gear? Ask your partner what they typically wear to avoid an awkward moment. If they don’t give you much to go off and your Facebook stalking skills aren’t up to par – go with a closet staple like black pants or a white blouse that can pull off both a formal and a leisure event.

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Mistake # 3: Not bringing a back up Our S.O.’s love us – but hey, miscommunication happens. Have a backup outfit in case your partner gave you the wrong 4-1-1. Not only can it help you out if the plans go astray, but it can also be your rescue from a spilled glass of wine.

Mistake # 4: You Zzz’d on the sleepwear Throwing your pajamas into a suitcase usually doesn’t take much thought, but if you’re spending the night at your potential future-in-laws, you better think twice. Walking to the breakfast table in your lacy cashmere nighty or grungy old concert t-shirt might not be the best look.

Mistake # 5: Not checking the tilt or finger-tip test If you choose to wear a dress or skirt, make sure it is tasteful. Adding tights instantly takes your ensemble to a sophisticated level. If you bend over and your, umm … assets … hang out, leave it and forget it! While us girls with long arms consider the fingertip the most annoying fashion rule on the planet, remember – this is a first impression – it’s better to be safe than sorry. If your hemline falls short of your fingertips at your side, replace it with another option.

Last but not least, remember to breathe! The family is just as nervous to meet you. Use these tips and we’re sure they’ll fall head over heels for you.