5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Majoring in Fashion

Whether you’ll soon be graduating from high school, are trying to decide on a major that will ultimately “shape the rest of your life” (debatable!) or are considering making a switch into a fashion based major, we chatted with esteemed WhatRUWearing girl Tatianna and rounded up the 5 things you need to know and we hope you’ll appreciate before making the big decision. 

1. A Fashion Merchandising/Design degree allows you to explore as many career options as you want once you graduate: Before my freshman year of college, I had only thought about being a buyer because that was all I knew about. I was so surprised when my professors started talking about their past work experience. They weren’t all buyers! The possibilities are endless, besides buying there is trend forecasting, textile design, Fashion law, Fashion history and so much more. So explore your interests and hobbies outside of class and see if you could mesh them with fashion to make a career out of something you’ll truly enjoy. 

2. Networking starts in the classroom: I don’t know if you know this but the people in your classes could be getting you a job one day, so it’s best to make a great impression. Don’t be late to class, when you’re late to class that shows your professor and the other students who were on time that you don’t manage your time well. You should use your early morning classes to prepare yourself for getting to work on time. Your boss won’t be as forgiving as your professors if you’re consistently late to work . When you work in groups with other students don’t be the one who sits back while everyone else does all the work, it’ll tell them you’re lazy and don’t care about what you’re doing. Instead be as involved as possible even if you aren’t interested, I promise you’ll learn something by the end of the project. I don’t do this for every class but looking nice gets you noticed. You don’t have to look like you’re walking down a catwalk every time you go to class, but you should put some effort into your appearance.

3. Work with what you’ve got: This next topic goes along with looking the part of a fashion major. I am always tempted to buy designer bags and shoes so that when I matriculate into the industry I’ll already look the part. However, my bank account doesn’t always agree with me. Don’t empty your bank account trying to look like someone you’re not. We’re all on a student’s budget so your Zara bag and Asos boots will do just fine!

4. The Classes aren’t always interesting: I have really enjoyed most of the classes I’ve taken as a fashion major, especially the ones that have allowed me to use my creativity. But there are some classes that I wish I would’ve prepared myself. I can only speak for my university, but they want their students to be as well-rounded as possible so we take classes like Accounting, Integrated marketing communications, Sociology, and even Biology. I didn’t always enjoy taking these classes but I knew it would help me later in my career . Having knowledge of different courses will allow you to excel in the future because you’ll be well versed in things that aren’t directly related to fashion.

5. People will look down on your major: I’ve had had many people including family say to me “Well, what are you gonna do with that?”,“Will you even be able to find a job?”,” You’ve got it easy, all you do is pick out colors and fabrics all day.” Don’t let those questions and statements get to you, if you really enjoy what you’re doing then they don’t matter. If someone is genuinely curious about what you’re majoring in feel free to take the time to explain it to them, if they’re being rude just keep it moving. Show them you picked the right major by being successful and working hard.

Written By: Taitanna Barry