Here’s What To Wear During Mercury Retrograde


Hide your kids, hide your wife, because Mercury Retrograde is officially upon us on April 9.

If you don’t know what Mercury Retrograde, it’s basically a time when all hell breaks loose and things go as wrong in your life as they possibly can. You know that month where you hear from three exes at once!? Yeah, that kind of stuff is what we blame Mercury Retrograde on. This time, it lasts from April 9 – May 3 – which is a pretty long time of bad things happening, if you ask us.

“This phenomenon is one of the few that affects everyone in a fairly uniform way, and its effects are always obvious,” Susan Miller stated on Astrology Zone. “Once you begin to pay attention to how events in your life change during these phases, you will soon see how important it is to take note of them.”

They say to avoid traveling, technology, contracts, big decisions/purchases, researching, editing and learning during that time … which is only possible if you lock yourself up in a box.

Since you can’t avoid it, we rounded up four things to help you get through the terrifying period. Check them out below.

Crystals & gems

We have no idea if they actually hold special powers, but it’s worth it a shot. Crystals supposedly bring you types of specific energy. Emeralds are said to help with communication and organize activities and plans. Flourite is known for balancing thoughts, improving concentration and organizing thoughts. It also releases stress and anxiety. Quartz crystal brings you clarity and gives off white light vibes, removing any obstacles in your way. Whether it’s a ring, necklace or bracelet, we suggest keeping at least one of these in your thoughts for your next #ootd.


It’s going to be a stressful time, so we suggest wearing black. More than likely, you’ll spill during MR, and black is the perfect hue to conceal all messes. Since things may go array, your anxiety may heightend causing you to sweat a whole lot more. A black shirt or dress will help hide any perspiration.


Since you’re dealing with the galaxy, we can only assume star patterns and prints will give off good vibes. Plus, you look totally gotchic-chic.May the force be with you.










Any good luck charms

We all have them! Now more than ever is the time to bust out any weird conspiracy pieces you have. Have you gotten a first date every time you’ve worn that leather jacket? Put it on! Have a bad day any time you forget to put your bracelet on? Make sure you’re wearing it these next few weeks. The more luck, the better.