5 Trends We Want Back: Brought To You By 90’s TV Shows

The 90’s made a solid comeback in the fashion world, and it doesn’t appear to be leaving any time soon. We’re obsessed with chokers, overalls, velvet trends and so much more – but we still feel like something is missing.

WRUW is ready to honor the real queens of the 90’s and throwback to some of our favorite past times … that we’d love to see again.  Keep reading to see our favorites.

The Rachel Hair Cut From Friends

If you didn’t have the Rachel hair cut at some point in your life you weren’t really living. Which is exactly why we need it back today. The style went what would’ve been considered “viral” if that was thing back in 1995.

“‘The Rachel’ was one of the hardest hairstyles to maintain. Me and the blow dryer and the hairbrush weren’t meant for each other,” Aniston said in an  ABC News interview. “It really was a ‘hairdo.'”

Hey, that’s what YouTube tutorials are for these days, right?

Leggings Under Shorts

Okay, this look is definitely for the bold, but when done right, it’s extra chic. Don’t believe us? Take some style cues from Clarissa Explains It All – who knows .. maybe you’ll even get approached by a hot neighbor like Sam.











The Tied Up Shirt

Move over crop tops – we’re ready for a new look. We bring you, the knotted. From Kelly Kapowski to Clueless Cher,  there was nothing more fun than tying up your tee when you were younger. We pray this sexy AF style comes back.

Denim Vests and Floral Skirt Combo

Before you run for the hills – give this a chance. This look is how Topanga won Cory Matthews over, and the rest is history. Pair with tights, and prepare to be a triple fashion threat. Just be sure to lose the crimped hair.

What goes around comes around, and that’s especially true in the fashion world. It’s only a matter of time before these mini skirts come back into play. We’ve already seen it start trickling back in on  celebrities including Ciara, Kate Hudson and Ashley Tisdale.