5 Trends We Love Staying For 2018

2017 was full of boujee new looks. The year used multiple decade trends including the ’90s, ’70s, ’80s and ’60s, making them brand new again.  While 2017 is about to leave us, there are some styles that aren’t ready to say au revoir. Keep reading to see if your favorite trend of the year is staying alive in 2018.


Loungewear is no longer something you only wear around the house. The comfy style dominated the runways and streets, making it acceptable to wear sweats any where you go – we aren’t going to lie – this might be our favorite trend ever. From brunch with girlfriends to date night with your boo, we hope this trend stays around forever – because we can be lazy AF and still look sexy as hell.


This year, velvet made its way onto just about everything. From booties and pants, to lingerie and necklaces, we dub velvet  one of the hottest fabric of the year. Luckily for all, its appearing on even more pieces for 2018 like backpacks, jackets and purses. If you’re not riding the velvet bandwagon yet, you will be soon enough. Start the look off right by copying Hailey Baldwin’s look for your NYE party.

 Leopard Print

Hate it or love it, it doesn’t matter because it’s not going anywhere. The cat’s meow is just as loud for 2017 and slowly trickling from celebritie’s couture closets to our favorite stores. The fabric can  make anything look more extra from sportswear to blouses.

Flared Ankle Jeans

We are stoked that flared ankle jeans are sticking around, making for the perfect spring trouser.  Wear them casual with a cute sandal or sneakers, or dress them up with a heel or mule – you can’t go wrong, which is why this look is so right.

Statement Jackets

Fur, shearling and leather, oh my! Bold and beautiful jackets are making our lives easier for the year, and even creating a statement with some of our favorite quotes or our own unique sayings.  A statement jacket can make any simple look super glam, meaning its our effortless go-to for everything – trust us, if you’re hungover on a cold freezing day – this is your best option.