5 Ways Revolve Messed Up In Their Latest Campaign

Revolve pissed off the world this week when they dropped a new line with LPA without any warning to the designer or marketing discussion. If you didn’t get the full story, you can see it here.

Let WRUW be clear. We are fully aware of the campaign and how it was supposed to embrace women and inclusion. WRUW is aware that the fat shaming sweatshirt and comments on the tops were supposed to be women taking a stand and not literal. However, there was still so much that went wrong with this.

We are a fashion and creative publication that DEMAND inclusion – so here we are. Even the starlets behind the campaigns have expressed their anger towards what happened.  If their latest release of sweatshirts, knowing the back story or not, doesn’t strike a chord with you, here are five reasons that might help you open your mind to why this was so wrong.

1. They didn’t discuss it with the brand.  According to LPA’s Instagram, they did not have any warning about this. How can you as a well-known company, not have teamed up with the brains behind this project? The ideas was not ran by the designer? How could you think that something with potential impact could just be released without any game plan from them? Mind. Blown.

2. No one at the company saw an issue with it. Secondly, there needs to be a little more diversity and culture in the board room if no one questioned the release of the sweatshirt. Not one person questioned who should be wearing the sweatshirts? We find that very hard to understand. With the hot water the company has been in before, you think they would be getting more minds in their to talk with and get their point of view.

3. The model. Thirdly, we know the model was just doing her job and it’s not her fault – it is entirely the company’s fault. Consequently, using a thin model to promote a fat-shaming quote used towards the famous female made no sense at all. It completely contradicts the point of what message the designer was trying to get out.

4. The continuous lack of inclusion. Furthermore, with all the backlash Revolve has said and outspoken words of women wanting to see more of themselves, where is it? As a result, the company still seems to lack any inclusivity. Will things change with their latest f*ck.

5. The lack of empathy. Finally, we aren’t saying they should harp on what happened forever. Posting Instagram photos without an apology posted on the feed seemed a little weird. Sure, it was in the link of their bio, but carrying on like nothing happened? Not cool. On top of it all, they didn’t do an extra work to show us they understand. Furthermore, they don’t show how sorry they are they messed up. Why not instantly create a new campaign to let your followers of the brand know you get what we should be seeing. Furthermore, why not turn this around into something beautiful for women? The bottom line? As a result of all these issues, we think Revolve has a long way to go, and until we all voice our opinions to them, they might never get it.


By Staci Wuokko