5 Ways To Step Up Your Vintage T-Shirt Game

It’s not always the newest and latest trends that are catching our eyes. Sometimes it’s a simple throwback tee that we can’t get enough of.

Vintage tees are the perfect graphic top that makes your street style look legit. Not only does it look good, but it is also super versatile when it comes to outfits choices. While wearing it with jeans and sneaks is sure to look dope, there are a few other ways you can kick up your style game when it comes to the basic.

With a leather skirt: Wanting to bring your t-shirt some sex appeal? It’s as easy as pairing it with a leather skirt. It brings instant sex appeal and will be the perfect combo to the retro vibe. Whether short or midi, you can’t go wrong – just be sure to tuck it in.  Throw on heels or sneakers and your look is complete.

With a power suit: Slipping the piece under a blazer and trousers is the perfect complement to the set. It mixes casual and chic and instantly gives your tee a bo$$ lady look.

Crop it: If you don’t care much about the value of the shirt, taking a pair of scissors to it can do  wonders. Crop it and wear it with adorable high waisted bottoms, or slip it under a zip up hoodie for an instant Yeezy-like look. The possibilities are endless and you’re sure to look like a vintage babe.

With plaid pants: Vintage is in – and that includes pants, too. Pair the top with a 70’s plaid for a killer combo that makes you look Instagram-worthy instantly.

Under a dress: Looking to make your floral or polka dot dress a little more edgy? A graphic vintage tshirt can easily get that job done. It gives you a unique look that is far from basic b*tch and we can guarantee people will be complimenting you layer and style game left and right.