5 Wine Colored Tracksuits As Lit As Beyonce’s Latest Instagram Pics

Beyonce is slaying harder than ever lately on her IG – seriously, we thought she was dope before she had twins, but whatever energy those babes are bringing to her – keep it coming!

She’s been all about her date nights with Jay-Z and giving us a bigger look into her closet lately, and of course, each outfit is more lit than the last one. Recently, Beyonce showed us how she did tracksuits – which is obvs way different than any of us wear the outfit.

The singer wore a sexy kimono style suit with bubbly hot pink heels, while on a private plane with hubby Jay-Z. We can only asssume they were celebrating their 15th anniversay, and what better way to do date night than jetting off somewhere in chic AF loungewear?

We love to see Queen B in her amazing designer labels, but we also love when we can look like one of our favs without breaking the bank. We might not be able to be Beyonce, but we can at least get a version of her clothes. We rounded up 5 wine colored athletic sets similar to Bey’s so we can slay, too … now how do we get our own private jet …. #goalz.

Stella Wine Striped Jumper Set, $39.42

Katy Wine Track Suit, $38.99

Wine Metallic Tracksuit, $62.39

Fila Tall Zip Up Tracksuit, $95

Allie Ripped Bardot Jumpsuit, $39.42