5 #WRUWGirls Who Deserve Selfie Books

Unless you’ve recently been taking shelter under a rock (or just studying for finals), you’re well aware that Kim Kardashian’s highly anticipated selfie diary, Selfish, finally released last week (and yes, we were one of the first to get our hands on it!) While Mrs. Kardashian-West certainly holds the esteemed title as the Floyd Mayweather of selfies, we quickly came to the realization that somewhere in the world there are girls, just like us, who could one day profit successfully off of their own personal selfie collections!

Although the task was difficult, we narrowed down 5 WhatRUWearing girls whom we anticipate will one day have their own selfie collections that the next generation will be dying to get their hands on.

Suliann Pinnock – @_melenigma

New York’s finest, Suliann is well connected, impeccably dressed and has already been featured in an array of top tier publications for her amazing style. Not to mention, she already has thousands of followers on Instagram – the recipe for high book sales. We have no doubt that she could very well outsell Mrs. West.  

Tatianna Barry – @annaabarry

The modern day Denise Huxtable, who looks incredibly dope no matter the angle, outfit or hairstyle. A true artist, we imagine Tatianna’s book, much like her Instagram, would be filled with images inspired not only by herself, but the world around her.

Domineke Nelson – @legallybombb

If you’re looking for style inspiration, look no further than this girl right here. Not only does her Instagram read like a best dressed list, she also has the caption game on lock – and any Instagram/selfie enthusiast understands how equally important it is to match the perfect caption to your photo.  


Meghan McAllister – @lincolnparkmin

Although she may not hit the million follower mark just yet, it’s only a matter of time before this young, Chicago-based blogger blows up due to the ways in which she’s effortlessly mastered her angles and largely because much like a mermaid, bad hair days don’t exist in her world.

Yasmin Megahed – @woahitsyazzy

Looking like the fourth Kardashian sister herself, Yasmin’s book would be full of amazing photos inspired by her home country of Egypt, as well as amazing makeup shots, which would hopefully be followed by tips!