6 Coats You Absolutely Need This Spring

This past week has been nothing short of blessed due to surprisingly perfect weather in tundra-town Madison, WI. With daily highs in the 70’s, I’ve enjoyed the pleasure of being able to spend the majority of my time by the lake, people watching, as the day passes by. Because Wisconsin weather is unpredictable and can shift from summer to winter and back within hours, one can only hope that the high temps are here to stay.

While we can all agree that the thermometer shifting is both illustrious and long overdue, we cannot overlook the fact that temperature changes call for wardrobe changes! Thankfully, it’s once more that time of year where we can happily shove our turtlenecks, timbs, and trench coats to the back of the closet and refuse to look back. While it certainly feels wonderful to abandon with your winter wardrobe like you’d abandon a bad relationship, now is not the time to get carried away because, depending on where you live, tanks and shorts may not cut it quite yet. Let’s be honest, its only April, and there’s still a breeze in the air.

Thankfully, I have the ULTIMATE solution for these gusts of wind and those chilly Spring (and Summer!) nights: the perfect spring jacket. No matter your style, every girl needs one for the transitional spring days or even brisk summer nights. Continue below to gain some inspiration before you go on that essential Spring/Summer shopping spree! 

 Written by: Natasha Colvin